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Sale bed linen Sale bed linen

Sale bed linen

Special offers - high quality textiles at the best price

Bedding and textiles for home comfort can change the appearance of the room, filling it with new colors and ornaments. With the help of usual bedding set, you can make the room more light, comfortable, cozy. It is especially nice to update the interior of house with the benefit of family budget. Sales and special offers presented in our online store VASH textile will help with this.

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Varieties of home textiles

The company’s catalog contains high-quality products of Zastelli and Word of Dream brands that help to create coziness and comfort:

  • Bedding sets made from natural fabrics and from material that combines with synthetic fibers.
  • Bedding - blankets, rugs, mattresses, pillows for healthy sleep.
  • Kitchen accessories - towels, potholders, tablecloths, napkins.
  • Bath, face, baby towels made of terry, cotton, microfiber.

All products presented in the catalog at sale prices comply with sanitary standards. Products have unique characteristics. First of all, they are characterized by safety, hypoallergenic, breathability. Pleasant prices, special promotions allow you to purchase the necessary product very profitable.

Home Textile Sale


The sale of textiles can solve many problems. Such products will be a wonderful gift to yourself and your loved ones. In addition, you can choose an accessory for the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen in a beautiful package. As a rule, all products have an individual box. So, a colorful set of baby bedding at an affordable cost with a significant discount is backed by the manufacturer elegantly and beautifully.

In our online store VASH Textile, the range of products at selling prices is constantly updated. Discounts are created for all holidays, for the second set of bedding, for a birthday, etc.

You can order branded textiles with targeted delivery to all regions of Ukraine. Each sale item has a detailed description, which greatly simplifies the selection. You can buy bedding of high quality at the best prices at any convenient time.