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Decorative Linen pillow ZASTELLI фото

Product code: 1239 Decorative Linen pillow ZASTELLI
80 UAH
80 UAH 160 UAH
Jacquard pillow Word of Dream JQ41 фото Product code: 3469 Jacquard pillow Word of Dream JQ41
277 UAH
277 UAH


Our official website of the Ukrainian manufacturer "Vash Textile" presents the assortment of Zastelli trademark pillows. You can buy the products of this brand at the best price in our online store. We are also the official representative of the famous English ™ Word of Dream, so you can purchase luxury pillows on the website.

To make it comfortable for you to buy a pillow for sleeping by Internet, the catalogue of our online store has an excellent detailed description of each product with photo. If you have any difficulties with the choice, you can always contact our specialist and get any advice. The store manager will help you choose exactly the sleep pillow that suits you perfectly, will also help you order the best sleep pillows, both elite and home, and recommend discounted products, clarify the current price when buying in bulk.

How to buy a pillow for sleeping in Ukraine and how much it costs

A pillow is one of the most important items for a healthy sleep. Whatever a person does during the day, whatever the physical and psycho-emotional stress is, at night everyone needs a sound and full sleep, which is known to be a source of health. The quality of rest is influenced by many factors, one of the most important, undoubtedly, is a pillow for comfortable sleep.

How to choose and where to buy the best pillows from a Ukrainian manufacturer

It is worth to buy a pillow in Ukraine that will meet all the requirements to ensure complete relaxation of the neck muscles and promote good rest, which will be comfortable, soft or elastic, small or large - it all depends on your preferences. Price of pillow and its filler are one of the main factors determining the purchase. When choosing a pillow, we recommend that you be guided by the following criteria:

  • Tactile sensations - pillows, pleasant to the touch, allow you to deeply immerse yourself in the world of dreams.
  • Ability to keep in shape - the head should not "fall down" of the pillow.
  • Hypoallergenic - a pillow you buy in an online store must be one that will not irritate the mucous membrane.
  • The size of pillow, which is selected in accordance with the age and individual characteristics of the user.

The most competent choice, according to experts, is anatomical new pillows under the neck, allowing you to comfortably set on your stomach or on your back while sleeping.

Assortment of pillows for sleeping in the online store "Vash Textile"

Our online store of pillows and bed linen offers an extensive selection of standard and classic sizes (individual size of the product can be ordered separately with a wholesale purchase) and a variety of fillers:

  • Pillows filled with feather and down, which, despite all claims, have not gone out of fashion and remain at the peak of popularity. A real perfect classic! Soft and original products are able to give a sound sleep. The main requirement is regular feather cleaning, due to which parasites that have settled in the down are destroyed.
  • Bamboo sleeping pillows are considered environmentally friendly products. Natural bedding keeps its shape perfectly, but over time, the filler thickens and becomes unsuitable for deep sleep.
  • Silk pillows, which are airy and soft, are very pleasant to touch. You can buy a sleeping pillow with this filler for people suffering from allergies - after all, the products are hypoallergenic and not hazardous to health. They perfectly adapt to body shapes and perfectly absorb moisture.
  • Hollow fiber pillows have a modern filler that is characterized by elasticity and reliability. Good, beautiful products made of it will last without losing their original properties for several years, giving you deep night sleep and good rest.
  • Pillows with kapok filling - first of all, it should be noted that these are completely natural, ecologically clean natural raw materials. According to its properties, kapok as a filler surpasses a huge variety of not only natural, but also synthetic materials, raw materials for filling pillows are not the most expensive compared to analogues.
  • Orthopedic - improve blood circulation, help the spine to take the correct position in time, help to normalize problems with insomnia, migraines, etc.
  • Linen - presented in a wide range of colors will always serve as a decoration for your bedroom or living room, contribute to a wonderful rest due to their anti-static and other useful properties.
  • Anti-stress - with the addition of silver ions, thanks to ionization, no static electricity is generated between the head and the pillow.
  • and others.

Buy pillows wholesale and retail from the manufacturer in Ukraine

Choosing the company "Vash Textile" in the process of searching for the necessary goods for home and particular pillows for head, our customers undoubtedly benefit purchasing only high-quality goods from the manufacturer. While implementing the pillows of our brands, we periodically arrange sales, price reductions for certain items of goods, selection of the most advantageous positions, and other promotions.

The owners of hotels and inns have the opportunity to order wholesale production of pillows and order by Private Label (own brand). You can choose individually sizes, cover material and filler. It is enough to leave a request on the website or contact us by phone and we will make you a calculation and promptly fulfill the order.

Where to buy quality sleep pillows from the manufacturer with delivery across Ukraine

The company "Vash Textile" has been providing the most demanding needs of the modern buyer for a long time and has achieved very significant success in this, as a result of the combination of quality, modern means of production and a competent, customer-oriented company policy. We carry out retail and wholesale trade of pillows in Ukraine with delivery by popular postal services (mail) from a warehouse to all cities, namely: Kharkiv; Kyiv; Kriviy Rig; Lviv; Ivano-Frankivsk; Khmelnytsky; Odessa; Zaporizhzhia; Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) and other settlements. Delivery can be carried out by cash on delivery to any point in Ukraine.

We take care of each of our clients and always pay special attention to detail, all pillows for sleeping are of high quality, professional tailoring and optimal cost. We meet the most sophisticated needs of our clients, making the motto "the best for home" come true.