Online Linen Store - its own trademark Zastelli and the representative of English trademark Word of Dream
  • Apricot
  • Ivory
  • Ivory with Green
  • Ivory with Grey
  • Beige-Light-Brown
  • Beige
  • Beige with Blue
  • Beige with Green
  • Beige with Olive
  • Beige with Grey-Pink
  • White-Blue with Green
  • White-Lilac
  • White-Orange-Green
  • White-Pink
  • White-Grey
  • White-Grey with Yellow
  • White-Grey with Pink
  • White-Purple
  • White-Purple with Green
  • White
  • White+Blue+Yellow
  • White / Turquoise / Green
  • White / Green / Red
  • White with Yellow
  • White with Brown
  • White with Violet
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Turquoise with Yellow
  • Bordo with Cream
  • Light Blue
  • Light blue / Grey / White
  • Light Blue with Wite
  • Light Blue with Gold
  • Light Blue with Corral
  • Light Blue with Powder
  • Light Blue with Purple
  • Graphite with Gray
  • Yellow-Green
  • Yellow-Green with Pink
  • Yellow-Brown
  • Yellow-Orange
  • Yellow / Green / Red
  • Green-Red
  • Green-Gray with Blue
  • Green
  • Green with White
  • Green with Brown
  • Green with Pink
  • Green with Violet
  • Green
  • Gold-Brown
  • Coral-Cream
  • Brown with Beige
  • Brown with Bordo
  • Brown-Cream
  • Brown with White
  • Brown with Red
  • Brown with Pink
  • Red-Blue with Yellow
  • Red
  • Cream-Beige
  • Cream-Milky
  • Cream-Orange
  • Cream-Pink
  • Cream with Coffee
  • Milky-Beige
  • Milky-Pink
  • Milky
  • Milky with Brown
  • Milky with Red
  • Milky with Pink
  • Milky with Grey
  • Milky with Violet
  • Sea Wave
  • Mint
  • Orange / mint / white
  • Peach
  • Peach with Silver
  • Pink-Blue with White
  • Pink-Brown
  • Pink-Lilac
  • Pink
  • Pink with White
  • Pink with Red
  • Pink with Mint
  • Pink with Blue
  • Pink with Violet
  • Light-Green
  • Light-Green with Pink
  • Light-Green-Light-Blue-Red
  • Light-Green
  • Light-Green with White
  • Light-Brown
  • Light-Brown with Milky
  • Light-Lilac
  • Light-Pink with Light-Blue
  • Light-Grey
  • Light-Grey with Red
  • Light-Grey with Violet
  • Light-Grey with Black
  • Grey-White with Green
  • Grey-Emerald
  • Grey-Red with Pink
  • Grey-Pink with White
  • Grey
  • Grey-Pink-White
  • Blue-Light Blue
  • Blue-Ligh Blue with White
  • Blue-Brown
  • Blue
  • Blue / Light Blue / Grey
  • Blue with White
  • Dark-Brown
  • Dark-Brown with White
  • Dark-Pink
  • Violet-Turquoise
  • Violet-Emerald
  • Violet
  • Fuchsia
  • Black-White-Blue
  • Black-Red
  • Black
  • Black with Pink
  • Chocolate
  • White-Blue with Red
  • Orange-Green
  • Beige-Pink
  • White-Red
  • Creamy
  • Orange-Red
  • Peach-Green
  • Grey-Blue
  • Yellow-Red
  • Creamy-Blue
  • Light-Green with Purple
  • Turquoise
  • Turquoise with White
  • Green-Violet with Red
  • Grey-Violet
  • Light-Green with White
  • Grey-Pink
  • White-Blue
  • White-Pink-Green
  • Light-Beige
  • White-Light-Blue
  • Pink-Coral
  • Blue-Light-Blue
  • Milky-Brown
  • Green-Violet
  • Green-Brown
  • Milky-Green
  • Grey-White
  • Pink-White
  • Yellow-Beige
  • Milky-Brown
  • Brown-Milk
  • White-Burgundy
  • Green-White
  • Light Green
  • White-Brown with Red
  • Brown-White
  • White / Yellow / Blue
  • Red-Blue
  • Milk with Lilac
  • Purple- Lilac
  • Pink with Silver
  • Gray-Yellow with Green
  • Milk with Green
  • White with Blue
  • Gray-Brown
  • Milky-Graphite
  • Graphite Gray
  • Milk with White
  • Blue-White
  • Black and White
  • Milky-Black
  • Pink-Blue
  • Coral-Pink
  • Turquoise-Yellow
  • Lilac
  • Peach
  • Grey-Lilac
  • Pink-Gray
  • Gray-Milky
  • Brown-Gray
  • Orange-Brown
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Bed linen sets

Bed linen from manufacturer

Bed linen set Zastelli 14638 Calico  фото Product code: 1550 Bed linen set Zastelli 14638 Calico
348 UAH
348 UAH
Bed linen set for children Zastelli Cats Calico фото
Product code: 871 Bed linen set for children Zastelli Cats Calico
235 UAH
235 UAH 348 UAH
Bed linen set Zastelli 8815 Calico Premium фото
Product code: 1562 Bed linen set Zastelli 8815 Calico Premium
from 389 UAH
389 UAH 1479 UAH
545 UAH 1463 UAH
Bed linen set for newborn Zastelli 13 фото
Product code: 3413 Bed linen set for newborn Zastelli 13
489 UAH
489 UAH 596 UAH
Bed linen set for newborn Zastelli 17 фото
Product code: 3414 Bed linen set for newborn Zastelli 17
489 UAH
489 UAH 596 UAH
Bed linen Zastelli 6131 Cotton фото
Product code: 859 Bed linen Zastelli 6131 Cotton
690 UAH
690 UAH 1088 UAH
Bed linen set Zastelli 14638 Cotton фото Product code: 1263 Bed linen set Zastelli 14638 Cotton
from 585 UAH
585 UAH 935 UAH
762 UAH
Bed linen set for children Word of Dream HB 134 Sateen  фото
Product code: 1048 Bed linen set for children Word of Dream HB 134 Sateen
943 UAH
943 UAH 1349 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream KT 013 Sateen фото
Product code: 1344 Bed linen set Word of Dream KT 013 Sateen
943 UAH
943 UAH 1254 UAH


The online store of Vash Textile company offers a wide range of bed linen made of calico and other natural materials, as well as household accessories from the Ukrainian manufacturer of Zastelli trademark.

The aim of our company is to create comfort and good mood in your home. Calico bedding is one of the most popular among buyers today.

Calico is a lightweight, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly material that has low creasing and the ability to maintain color saturation for many years.

In our online store you can find sets of material GOLD calico, Gold USA, Premium calico - these are cotton fabrics of a new generation, which differ from ordinary materials in higher quality, wear resistance, durability and strength.

Where to buy calico bedding and how to choose it

In our online store "Vash Textile" you can buy a wide range of high quality gold calico bed linen.

Here you can find the following types of sets:

You can easily choose a beautiful set of calico bed linen on our site using photos, descriptions and characteristics.

In addition to a large selection of size variants and items included, we offer a wide range of calico bed linen for every taste: solid dyed, colored, decorated with prints and ornaments on various topics.

In our store, you can easily select calico bed linen that fully meets your needs.

The cost of calico bedding set in Ukraine

To buy bed linen made of calico in Ukraine today is not difficult, but in the online store "Vash Textile" you buy not just bedding sets, you buy quality and a guarantee from the manufacturer.

The cost of calico bed linen on our website is always up-to-date and is indicated directly next to each set presented, on the product card.

In the online catalogue you will find the price taking into account current promotions, discounts and sales. Vash Textile company has developed a loyalty program for its customers and gives a 15% discount on purchases upon the first registration on website.

We provide you with the opportunity to purchase bed linen made of calico or any other fabric both at retail and wholesale.

Fast delivery of calico bed linen from the manufacturer across Ukraine

On our website, when placing an order in the "Delivery" section, you can see the terms. The office of our online store is located in the city of Kyiv, at the address: 1G Grigoriya Skovorode Str. Here you can check the available choice, as well as order a pickup service from this address.

We provide delivery to other cities in Ukraine in any way convenient for you.

The selected carrier will deliver calico bed linen both to the post office and to the door of your home in Kharkiv, Kriviy Rig, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnitsky, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk), Odessa, as well as other cities of Ukraine.