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  • Cotton
  • Jacquard
  • Seersucker
  • Sateen
  • Microsateen
  • Silk
  • Apricot
  • Ivory
  • Ivory with Green
  • Ivory with Grey
  • Beige-Light-Brown
  • Beige
  • Beige with Blue
  • Beige with Green
  • Beige with Olive
  • Beige with Grey-Pink
  • White-Blue with Green
  • White-Lilac
  • White-Orange-Green
  • White-Pink
  • White-Grey
  • White-Grey with Yellow
  • White-Grey with Pink
  • White-Purple
  • White-Purple with Green
  • White
  • White+Blue+Yellow
  • White / Turquoise / Green
  • White / Green / Red
  • White with Yellow
  • White with Brown
  • White with Violet
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Turquoise with Yellow
  • Bordo with Cream
  • Light Blue
  • Light blue / Grey / White
  • Light Blue with Wite
  • Light Blue with Gold
  • Light Blue with Corral
  • Light Blue with Powder
  • Light Blue with Purple
  • Graphite with Gray
  • Yellow-Green
  • Yellow-Green with Pink
  • Yellow-Brown
  • Yellow-Orange
  • Yellow / Green / Red
  • Green-Red
  • Green-Gray with Blue
  • Green
  • Green with White
  • Green with Brown
  • Green with Pink
  • Green with Violet
  • Green
  • Gold-Brown
  • Coral-Cream
  • Brown with Beige
  • Brown with Bordo
  • Brown-Cream
  • Brown with White
  • Brown with Red
  • Brown with Pink
  • Red-Blue with Yellow
  • Red
  • Cream-Beige
  • Cream-Milky
  • Cream-Orange
  • Cream-Pink
  • Cream with Coffee
  • Milky-Beige
  • Milky-Pink
  • Milky
  • Milky with Brown
  • Milky with Red
  • Milky with Pink
  • Milky with Grey
  • Milky with Violet
  • Sea Wave
  • Mint
  • Orange / mint / white
  • Peach
  • Peach with Silver
  • Pink-Blue with White
  • Pink-Brown
  • Pink-Lilac
  • Pink
  • Pink with White
  • Pink with Red
  • Pink with Mint
  • Pink with Blue
  • Pink with Violet
  • Light-Green
  • Light-Green with Pink
  • Light-Green-Light-Blue-Red
  • Light-Green
  • Light-Green with White
  • Light-Brown
  • Light-Brown with Milky
  • Light-Lilac
  • Light-Pink with Light-Blue
  • Light-Grey
  • Light-Grey with Red
  • Light-Grey with Violet
  • Light-Grey with Black
  • Grey-White with Green
  • Grey-Emerald
  • Grey-Red with Pink
  • Grey-Pink with White
  • Grey
  • Grey-Pink-White
  • Blue-Light Blue
  • Blue-Ligh Blue with White
  • Blue-Brown
  • Blue
  • Blue / Light Blue / Grey
  • Blue with White
  • Dark-Brown
  • Dark-Brown with White
  • Dark-Pink
  • Violet-Turquoise
  • Violet-Emerald
  • Violet
  • Fuchsia
  • Black-White-Blue
  • Black-Red
  • Black
  • Black with Pink
  • Chocolate
  • White-Blue with Red
  • Orange-Green
  • Beige-Pink
  • White-Red
  • Creamy
  • Orange-Red
  • Peach-Green
  • Grey-Blue
  • Yellow-Red
  • Creamy-Blue
  • Light-Green with Purple
  • Turquoise
  • Turquoise with White
  • Green-Violet with Red
  • Grey-Violet
  • Light-Green with White
  • Grey-Pink
  • White-Blue
  • White-Pink-Green
  • Light-Beige
  • White-Light-Blue
  • Pink-Coral
  • Blue-Light-Blue
  • Milky-Brown
  • Green-Violet
  • Green-Brown
  • Milky-Green
  • Grey-White
  • Pink-White
  • Yellow-Beige
  • Milky-Brown
  • Brown-Milk
  • White-Burgundy
  • Green-White
  • Light Green
  • White-Brown with Red
  • Brown-White
  • White / Yellow / Blue
  • Red-Blue
  • Milk with Lilac
  • Purple- Lilac
  • Pink with Silver
  • Gray-Yellow with Green
  • Milk with Green
  • White with Blue
  • Gray-Brown
  • Milky-Graphite
  • Graphite Gray
  • Milk with White
  • Blue-White
  • Black and White
  • Milky-Black
  • Pink-Blue
  • Coral-Pink
  • Turquoise-Yellow
  • Lilac
  • Peach
  • Grey-Lilac
  • Pink-Gray
  • Gray-Milky
  • Brown-Gray
  • Orange-Brown
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  • 160х215 sm
  • 185х220 sm
  • 145х210 sm
  • 110х140 sm
  • 90х200 sm
  • 160х200+25 sm
  • 160х240 sm
  • 200х240 sm
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Bed linen sets

Bed linen sets - Embroidery

Bed linen set Word of Dream BB079 Sateen with embroidery фото

Product code: 330 Bed linen set Word of Dream BB079 Sateen with embroidery
1502 UAH
1502 UAH 2310 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream 005 Sateen with embroidery фото

Product code: 334 Bed linen set Word of Dream 005 Sateen with embroidery
2074 UAH
2074 UAH 3192 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream BY094 Sateen with embroidery фото

Product code: 1102 Bed linen set Word of Dream BY094 Sateen with embroidery
2074 UAH
2074 UAH 3192 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream B067 Sateen with embroidery фото

Product code: 329 Bed linen set Word of Dream B067 Sateen with embroidery
2074 UAH
2074 UAH 3192 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream B058 Sateen with embroidery фото

Product code: 331 Bed linen set Word of Dream B058 Sateen with embroidery
Not available


For several years now, the online store of the Vash Textile company has been the official supplier and seller of products of the world-famous English brand Word of Dream, which has proven itself by the high quality of the materials used and the production standards of embroidered bed linen.

Bed linen with embroidery is made of the highest quality sateen, reminiscent of silk in its tenderness. A distinctive feature of this fabric is that it is produced by double weaving of cotton threads, which gives it special strength.

Due to its natural origin, sateen is a hypoallergenic fabric and is suitable for everyone, without exception.

Where to buy and how to choose high quality embroidered bedding?

Today the market is full of offers to buy bed linen from Ukrainian manufacturers. But how to buy bed linen with embroidery in Ukraine and not miscalculate with its quality?

Our online store offers top quality embroidered bedding. In the catalogue you will find a wide selection of beautiful embroidered linen in different color variations.

We offer to purchase bed linen sets with embroidery in the following colors:

  • Creamy orange two-tone set,
  • Blue-dark blue and white color,
  • Two-tone pink with red,
  • Milky-beige two-color set,
  • One-color apricot set with embroidery,
  • and others.

Decorated with gorgeous patterns, the linen will give a special charm to your bedroom and highlight your individuality. The high quality of the used dyes will allow the embroidery set to serve for a long time.

All duvet covers are equipped with a convenient zipper, which greatly simplifies the process of changing linen and using it.

You can order sets from us in the following sizes:

How much does embroidered bedding cost?

Over the years of its existence, our online store has developed a flexible system of working with customers, as well as a loyalty program.

The price for bed linen with embroidery is indicated directly next to the photo of each type of set. Convenient filters will help you to choose the right pattern, color and size, immediately knowing the current price for the product you are interested in.

Those who first registered on our website are provided with up to 15% discount on the cost of the entire purchase.

Prices next to the product are always indicated taking into account current promotional offers, discounts, as well as information about the availability of gift sets.

We have prepared a great offer for hotel owners, you can buy wholesale embroidered bed linen from us.

Delivery of bedding sets with embroidery across Ukraine

The online store "Vash Textile" provides an opportunity to receive your ordered products with delivery across Ukraine.

On the website of our store, you can easily familiarize yourself with all the conditions and order transportation by mail or any other type of courier delivery.

We organize delivery of goods to any city in Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rih, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky, Zaporizhia, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), Odessa and so on. We also provide an opportunity to pick up your order directly from the warehouse.