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The company "Vash Textile" has been declared a manufacturer of high-quality and popular bed linen and home textiles for over 15 years on the Ukrainian market. We are the official representative of well-known elite bed linen British ™ Word of Dream, as well as the owner of Zastelli bed linen trademark, presented on our official website. With us, you do not just make a purchase, but buy sets of bed linen for yourself and your family at the most affordable prices and saving your personal time, budget and energy. After all, you do not need to go to the store and spend money on transport - you can make a purchase without leaving your home!

Buy bed linen from the manufacturer "Vash Textile" in Ukraine

Modern trends and the development of production of household goods have not bypassed such an area as the creation of bed linen. At this stage, in the company "Vash Textile" every day there is a process of birth of new, beautiful and modern bed linen, which has an optimal combination of affordable prices and high quality. When a buyer is interested in purchasing stylish and fashionable luxury bedding or any price segment, we are ready to satisfy the request on the website of our online store.

Today, a bedding set is a large selection of natural fabrics, a variety of delicate colors, shades and soft colors. We work throughout Ukraine, and the bed linen of VASH Textile LLC in Kiev has gained immense popularity due to the optimal combination of cost and quality of products. We are ready to satisfy all the desires of even the most demanding customers, for this we have created a separate series of designer bed linen.

In the assortment of the online store, you can buy natural sets from the most popular materials:

Also, the company "Vash Textile" can safely declare about the coverage of almost the entire size spectrum in the production of good quality bedding sets. The range of models produced by our company is also very diverse:

Where to buy a set of bedding in Ukraine

The company's website catalogue contains modern Ukrainian and foreign brands. The online store of bed linen "Vash Textile" is constantly increasing the range of products and expanding its production by purchasing European equipment for the manufacture of products of the highest quality. The suppliers of raw materials for our products are successfully proven companies in the world market, we value our reputation a lot and are proud of the positive feedback from customers about the quality of bed linen.

How to choose and buy quality bedding in the online store

This question constantly arises among people who are faced with the task of purchasing affordable and high-quality bedding for home. We produce home textile products, annually replenishing the collection with original products. Along with them, questions arise: where to buy bed linen in Ukraine, how much does bed linen cost?

An extended and accessible online product catalogue on the site with photos is always ready to answer them. Specialists of our company, in case of calling by phone, will always help to order the required set, suggest goods with a discount, and clarify the cost of the goods. Prices for the purchase of bed linen wholesale and retail may differ.

Where to buy bedding at retail or at wholesale prices from the manufacturer

"Vash Textile" company for a long time has been meeting the most demanding needs of the modern customer and has achieved very significant success. Our results are proof of the combination of quality and a competent production policy. You can buy luxury bedding sets on the website at retail or find out wholesale prices by contacting us by phone or via online chat.

We sell bed linen in Ukraine with delivery by popular postal services (mail) from a warehouse to all cities, namely: Kharkiv, Kyiv, Kriviy Rig, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnitsky, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) and other settlements. Delivery can be carried out by cash on delivery anywhere in Ukraine.

We care about each customer and always pay special attention to details, all products are of high quality, professional tailoring and optimal price. We provide the most sophisticated needs of our customers, making the motto “the best for home” come true.