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Memorable and designer home textiles, beautiful and high-quality towels in a huge range of models from the Ukrainian manufacturer do not go unnoticed by the consumer on the Ukrainian market. Such products will not only add new colors to any home, but will also serve faithfully for more than one year.

If you want to buy high quality towels from the manufacturer, Vash Textile online store is what you need. On our site you will find home textiles made from natural fabrics and the best towels from popular brands: Zastelli, Tom Tailor, Vende. In the online store you can buy branded products of the highest quality and from a variety of materials.

Buy towels wholesale and retail from a good quality manufacturer

As you know, any serious thing consists of small things, and if we talk about home comfort, these are all important details. That is why it is extremely important to choose towels that provide comfort and convenience. This product is indispensable in every home and is a constant attribute of hygiene and cleanliness.

Towels can differ in the material from which they are made, purpose, size.

The catalogue of our online store Vash Textile presents textile products of brands that meet European standards and high customer requirements. Here you can choose high-quality new products that will become beautiful, soft and fluffy household items and will last for many years.

Large assortment of towels in the online store catalogue

Towels are presented in an extensive color palette, solid dyed and printed. However, there are towels for men, women, children. Different types of towels can be grouped according to the following criteria:

  • For functional purposes, you can purchase: kitchen towels, beach towels and bathroom products (body, face or hand). The catalogue contains products for daily use, as well as for a special occasion for baths and saunas, massage towels.
  • Materials - you will find towels made from natural fibers: terry, linen, cotton and others, and synthetic raw materials: microfiber
  • Density - medium, high density products.

The catalogue contains the classic sizes of towels in full assortment: you will find compact small products, or vice versa, large towels and many expensive high quality models. Pay attention to the products with the “Promotion” and “Sale” icons, you can buy towels on the website of our online store at a reduced cost. When buying our textile products, you can use the loyalty program, a 15% discount is provided after registration for all non-promotional items

Features of different types of towels

  • Bath towels are one of the most popular products in their segment. Such is a large cloth made of terry, can be made from cotton or bamboo fabric. High-quality products that create comfort after taking water procedures are distinguished by a high ability to absorb water, wear resistance, gentle care for skin, and environmental friendliness. Bath and sauna towels do not shrink and are resistant to various influences, even with intensive use.
  • Kitchen towels are also heavily used. That is why high quality goods are made from natural cotton and linen. Hand towels can be easily washed even from grease stains, dry relatively quickly, and are resistant to loosing color. In the assortment you will find jacquard kitchen towels - a dense product with an original design. These models do not wrinkle or lose their shape due to the special interweaving of threads.
  • Baby towels. When choosing, you should pay attention to the texture, material of manufacture, performance. They are hypoallergenic, very gentle and comfortable. Even with intensive use, baby towels do not fade, do not loose brightness after wash, do not form pellets. Products for babies are resistant to wear and tear. The entire line of children's towels presented in the Vash Textile online store fully comply with hygiene standards.

You can check how much a towel costs at any time on our website, the price is always up to date. If you are interested in buying wholesale, you can contact us by phone, and our managers will answer all your questions.

Where to buy and how to order a towel wholesale and retail in Ukraine

Our company "Vash Textile" produce products of the highest quality, annually replenishing the collection with original goods. Along with them, questions arise: where to buy a towel with delivery, how much does the model of interest cost? You can always find the answer to them in the online catalogue of our products with photos. The specialists of our company, in case of your request, will always help you to order the best set of towels or single items, tell you what products you can buy at a discount, specify the conditions of sales.

Delivery is carried out by popular postal services from a warehouse to all cities, namely: Kharkiv; Kyiv; Kriviy Rig; Lviv; Ivano-Frankivsk; Khmelnytsky; Odessa; Zaporizhzhia; Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) and other settlements.

We take care of each of our clients and always pay special attention to detail, all towels are of high quality, professional tailoring and optimal cost.

We cater to the most sophisticated needs of our customers, making the motto "the best for home" come true.