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Towels - comfort in every home

Homeliness consists of trifles. That is why it is extremely important to choose household items that give comfort and convenience. Towels are an indispensable item in every home - a constant attribute of hygiene.

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Varieties of towels

Towels differ in manufacturer's material, purpose, size. In the catalogue of our online store VASH textile presents textile products of Zastelli and Word of Dream brands that meet European standards. Here you can choose high-quality products that will become your favorite things and will last for many years.

There are different types of towels that differ by:

  • Purpose - there are towels for the kitchen, sauna, bathroom, massage, for children, teenagers and adults.
  • Material - towels made from natural fibers, synthetic raw materials, semi-synthetic.
  • By type of thread and its height - fabrics made from long, medium, short fibers.
  • Density - high-, medium-, low-density products.

Towels are represented by an extensive color palette, one-color and with printed patterns. However, there are towels for men, women, children.

Towel Features

The most popular accessories are bath towels. These are large terry cloths that are made from cotton or bamboo fabric. High-quality products that create comfort after the water procedures, are characterized by high ability to absorb water, wear resistance, respect for skin, environmental cleanliness. Bath towels do not loose size and are resistant to deformation even with intensive use.

Kitchen towels are used as intensively as the baths. Kitchen towels are used not only for wiping water, but also other liquids. That is why high-quality attributes are made from natural cotton and linen. Kitchen towels are easily washed even from grease stains, dry relatively quickly, and are resistant to molting. Kitchen towels made of jacquard or terry cloth are not particularly soft, but they do not need it.

When choosing textiles for children, attention is paid to the texture, material of manufacture, performance. They are hypoallergenic, very gentle and comfortable. Even with intensive use, children towels do not fade, do not form spools. Products for children are resistant to wear. Children towels presented in our online store VASH Textile, fully comply with hygiene standards.

Secrets of choice

When choosing a quality towel and its further use should pay attention to:

  • Sewing quality - in elite products, the seams are even, and the material has no fibers.
  • Stiffness - to determine softness, a towel is touched to exposed skin.
  • Washing a new towel in cool water improves fluid absorption.
  • Wash towels at a temperature of no more than 60 degrees using a soft liquid powder.
  • Squeeze the product in the machine at medium speed.
  • Overdry of individual use accessories results in a loss of quality.

Quality towels are always dense and weighty. In our online store VASH textile you can order a towel and other bedding of European quality inexpensively. The order will be sent to any region of Ukraine.