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Bed linen sets Bed linen set Zastelli Carl Cotton poplin
Product code: 1736

Bed linen set Zastelli Carl Cotton poplin


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Description Type: Single, Double, Euro, Single, For teenagers

Мanufacturer: Zastelli

Material: Cotton

Color: Green

Size duvet cover: 145х210 sm, 175х210 sm, 200х220 sm

Quantity duvet cover: 1

Duvet cover: Valve

Size of Sheet: 185х220 sm, 145х210 sm, 220х240 sm

Quantity Pillowcase: 2




Why is it worth to buy Zastelli bedding? Gorgeous shades of mint and gray, as well as a small scattering of stars and a series of peas on it can completely transform your room. Since mint is a natural color, subconsciously it is perceived as pacifying and ideal for relaxation.

Poplin bed linen and its main advantages:

  1. Poplin bedding is softer and gentler than bed linen made of calico.
  2. Smooth and pleasant tactile fabric structure.
  3. 30% denser than micro sateen bedding.
  4. High wear resistance and durability.
  5. Does not need frequent and long lasting ironing: the transverse weaving and embossing of fibers perfectly retain their shape.
  6. Passes air and absorbs moisture well.
  7. Does not cause static energy. 
  8. Very easy to clean.
  9. Preserves color for a long time.
  10. The price of poplin bedding seems insignificant due to its long service life.

Poplin composition:

Cotton has been known for over 7000 years, and during all this time, cotton bedding was famous for its durability and beauty.

Cotton is a leader among the materials for the manufacture of bedding sets, because:

  1. It has safe composition (natural ingredients)
  2. Is hygroscopic
  3. Does not stick to the body
  4. Does not cause discomfort during sleep (does not soar)
  5. In contact with cotton linens, the skin does not stop receiving the necessary amount of oxygen
  6. 100% organic material

Besides all listed above, a set of cotton bedding will be a wonderful gift for your loved one!


Single​: Duvet cover - 1pc, 145х210cm, Sheet - 1pc, 145х210cm, Pillow cases - 2pc, 50х70cm

Double​: Duvet cover - 1pc, 175х210cm, Sheet - 1pc, 185х220cm, Pillow cases - 2pc, 50х70cm

Euro: Duvet cover - 1pc, 200х220cm, Sheet - 1pc, 220х240cm, Pillow cases - 2pc, 50х70cm

Family​: Duvet cover - 2pc, 145х210cm, Sheet - 1pc, 220х240cm, Pillow cases - 2pc, 50х70cm


Care recommendations for bedding set:

  1. Washing products at temperatures up to 40°C.
  2. We recommend that you wash contrasting fabrics separately.
  3. Iron at temperature "cotton" (140-170°C).
  4. Dry cleaning is forbidden.
  5. It is forbidden to use bleaches and other chemicals.
  6. Dry at low temperature.
Нацелена я была купить именно эту фирму. Посмотрела и на рынке, и в магазинах, но цены были какими то заоблачными. Оказалось, что это официальный сайт Zastelli . Теперь всем вас рекомендую))

5 лет назад я купила свой первый комплект белья от Zastelli. В то время оно было очень дешевым и очень мне понравилось качеством, расцветкой и ценой. Пододеяльник до сих пор в хорошем состоянии, а простыня и наволочки в этом году пришли в негодность, но использовала я их практически непрерывно. Именно поэтому и купила новенький комплект. Качество не изменилось. Рекомендую!

Если именно по этому цвету, то 100% совпадения нет, на сайте цвет более яркий и, в какой-то степени, кислотный, вживую более приятный, мятный. Качество ткани понравилось. Покроен и построчен аккуратно. Упаковка презентабельная.

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