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Towels Terry bath towel Zastelli Blue
Product code: 3448

Terry bath towel Zastelli Blue

Terry bath towel Zastelli Blue
112 UAH
160 UAH
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263 UAH

Terry bath towel Zastelli Blue  2
Terry bath towel Zastelli Blue  4

Description Textile: Towels

Appointment: For the bathroom

Density: 380 g/m2

Equipment: One item

Material: Cotton

Trademark: Zastelli

Color: Blue, Light Blue

Size: 100160 sm, 70140 sm, 70130 sm, 100150 sm

It would seem that there is nothing complicated in choosing a towel. But do not forget that it is the towel that comes into contact with your hot and relaxed body during a period of increased skin sensitivity.

The very first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a towel is your tactile sensations. It should be soft and velvety, not contain any odors. TM Zastelli towels are right such kind.

In our online store VASH textile you will find a large assortment of quality towels. So big that each member of your family will be able to choose what he likes and suits him in size and color.

Bright terry towels will give you energy and improve your mood after taking a morning shower. And calm pastel colors will extend your relaxation after a relaxing evening bath.

Soft terry towels have a high ability to absorb moisture. Therefore, terry is considered the most suitable material for their manufacture.

On average, dermatologists advise changing bath towels every 3 years.

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