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Pillows Antiallergenic Pillow 4 season
Product code: 3507

Pillow 4 season


Pillow 4 season
138 UAH

Pillow 4 season  2

Description View: Antiallergenic

Filler: Hollowfiber

Manufacturer: Zastelli

Color: White

Size: 5070 cm

An innovative new generation filler - hollow fiber (synthetic polyester fiber) is ideal for everyone who has ever faced such a problem as allergies. The fibers used as fillers are shaped into balls, thus providing an excellent supportive effect for the cervical vertebrae.

  1. Zastelli anti-allergenic pillows are voluminous, elastic and quickly regain their shape. They are quite soft and elastic at the same time. Thanks to environmentally friendly materials, they are completely harmless and suitable even for children.
  2. Natural calico cover provides good air permeability and perfectly absorbs excess moisture.
  3. In care, anti-allergenic pillows are unpretentious. It is enough to wash them in a machine on a gentle or delicate cycle.
  4. If you are looking for where to buy inexpensive hotel pillows, these are great too.

Care instruction:

  1. Bleaching with bleach and chemicals is prohibited.
  2. Use dry cleaning for light dirt.
  3. To maintain shape and softness, periodically beat and air the pillow.
  4. Pillows can be washed by hand or in a wash machine. For automatic washing, select a delicate mode up to 30 degrees without spinning, use a powder for delicate fabrics.
  5. It is better to dry the pillow outdoors, away from direct sunlight.
  6. Can gently shake dried pillow to fluff up the filler.
  7. Do not store in a humid environment.
  8. We recommend replacing the pillow with a new one approximately every 2 years.
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