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Word of Dream

Word of Dream

Word of Dream brand was founded in 1996 in England. By the beginning of 2000, it had established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of bed linen. After all, it managed to create about 12 collections of unique goods, including more than 400 different names of sleep accessories.

In 2004, the company "Word of Dream" opened its 100th store specializing in products for sleep with the same name - "Word of Dream". And by 2008 it has tripled the production.

Like most modern industries, factories for making finished products TM Word of Dream are located in China, but this does not affect the quality of products. The management took such a forced step to improve competitiveness, as enterprises located in this part of the world significantly reduce the cost of creating a product.

Given the strong competition in this industry, Word of Dream trademark closely monitors the quality of the manufactured textiles at every stage of its creation:

  • Raw materials are carefully selected;
  • Only natural and safe dyes are used;
  • Every detail is thought over;
  • Designers are constantly working on the uniqueness of each new collection;
  • Artists select a variety of colors that can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Quite often, bed linen designers use décor elements such as lace, flounces or embroidery which gives the product a more attractive look and creates a romantic mood.

Each of the proposed products goes through several stages of approval before being put into mass production. And all this is done so that the end consumer can enjoy a full and healthy sleep.

Today Word of Dream trademark is ready to provide its customers with:

  • Bedding sets that are made from sateen or jacquard fabrics. Usually they have a floral theme, various patterns or prints. There are also sets with 3D drawing.
  • Children's collection - will give your child the feeling of a fairy tale, as various cartoon characters are used to create it. All fabrics and dye are natural, do not irritate delicate skin and do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Quilts filled with sheep and camel wool, bamboo fiber and silk will allow you to relax after a hard day's work, relieve stress and warm you in the cold season.
  • Pillows of universal shape filled with bamboo and silk do not cause allergies, are considered the most useful and safe for sleeping.
  • Fitted sheets.

All products of the company do not require special care. Easy to wash and dry. The only exception can be sets with embroidery, which must be ironed only from the inside.

"A comfortable sleep is the key to a good mood!" - this is the motto of TM Word of Dream. The company not only cares about the health and comfort of each customer, but also gives a positive mood for the whole day. All of its products have a wide selection of patterns and colors that help make your life much more positive