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Pillows Antiallergenic Pollow Zastelli Bamboo
Product code: 302

Pollow Zastelli Bamboo


Pollow Zastelli Bamboo фото
288 UAH
411 UAH

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Description View: Antiallergenic

Filler: Bamboo

Manufacturer: Zastelli

Color: White

Size: 50х70 cm

Fabric: microjacquard

Filling: 50% bamboo fiber, 50% anti-allergenic fiber (holofiber)

According to doctors, a pillow is a necessary and indispensable attribute for a healthy and quality sleep. It promotes relaxation and proper distribution of weight on the cervical and dorsal vertebrae. Prevents curvature of the spine.

The pillow of the most popular traditional form is suitable for any person who does not suffer from orthopedic diseases.

It is very elastic and easily restores its shape even after strong pressing.

Despite the wide variety of shapes, heights, fillers and pillow manufacturers, the best choice is Zastelli bamboo pillow. It has excellent hypoallergenic, absorbent and ventilating properties.

Care instruction:

  1. Bleaching with bleach and chemicals is prohibited.
  2. Use dry cleaning for light dirt.
  3. To maintain shape and softness, periodically beat and air the pillow.
  4. Pillows can be washed by hand or in a wash machine. For automatic washing, select a delicate mode up to 30 degrees without spinning, use a powder for delicate fabrics.
  5. It is better to dry the pillow outdoors, away from direct sunlight.
  6. Can gently shake dried pillow to fluff up the filler.
  7. Do not store in a humid environment.
  8. We recommend replacing the pillow with a new one approximately every 2 years.
Прекрасное соотношение цены и качества. Покупкой доволен

Классные подушки! Купила 7 шт (на вырост). Почему? А как устоять перед такой скидкой)). Хотя, если честно, то у меня уже 2 шт. таких есть (перед НГ покупали). Качеством пока довольны + очень нравится средняя степень жесткости

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