Online Linen Store - its own trademark Zastelli and the representative of English trademark Word of Dream
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About the Company. Online bedding store VASH Textile ★

About the Company. Online bedding store VASH Textile ★

The company "VASH Textile" is a manufacturer of textile products for home, as well as the official representative of the famous English TM "Word of Dream" under which premium products are produced, and the own brand "Zastelli".

TM "Word of Dream" is known all over the world. For more than 15 years, millions of people have given it preference, and the doors of luxury boutiques throughout Europe, America and Asia are open to successful and demanding customers who prefer Word of Dream bedding.

The motto of TM Zastelli is “Only the best for home”. It is Zastelli's products that are the most optimal combination of affordable price and high quality.

Since 2016, company "VASH textile" organized its own production in Ukraine, where it produces home textiles under the brand name "Zastelli", and also fulfills customer orders under their own trademarks (private label).

We produce unique products of the highest quality, annually replenishing the collection with original goods, and our production is constantly expanding and intensifying through the purchase of the latest equipment for the manufacture of bedding, pillows, blankets, mattress covers, decorative bedspreads and goods for babies.

Online store VASH textiles is ready to offer you:

  • Guarantee for products purchased from us (if comply with the conditions of care).
  • Prompt delivery of orders in Ukraine and Kyiv (from 1 to 3 working days).
  • 100% original products of a world-famous brand at a manufacturer price.
  • The assistance of the manager in choosing products, as well as providing maximum information about the product you like.
  • The ability to choose, touch, see, and buy the most suitable product for you in our central office (by prior agreement with the manager).
  • Our Promotions, Discounts, and Sales will pleasantly surprise you and give you a good mood.

On our website of the online store "VASH textile" - - a wide range of home textile products is presented. Here you can buy a pillow, buy a blanket, buy a plaid, buy a bedspread, buy a set of bed linen, buy a towel for a sauna, buy a towel for the kitchen and buy bedding for children.

Our main task is not just selling goods, but your satisfaction with the products purchased and good reviews!