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Antistress pillows

High-quality pillow antistress Zastelli official website of the manufacturer with delivery in Kiev and Ukraine

Daily nervous stresses, non-stop tension, physical and psychological stress, irritability, depression. This is unpleasant, but familiar to everyone. The main aim of each of us is not only to minimize their negative consequences, but also, if possible, to eliminate all the reasons that contribute to their occurrence. This is often not easy to do on your own. That is why scientists of the Italian TM Zastelli have developed special anti-stress pillows with silver ions.

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Certified anti-allergenic pillows from the manufacturer: a wide range, high quality and affordable prices

Not only psychological, but also physical health directly depends on good sleep, everyone knows this. For this, it is necessary to provide a sleeping place in advance not only with beautiful, but also with high-quality bedding. A special place among which is occupied by pillows. Zastelli antistress pillows will be an original addition to the bedroom interior

Both experts and buyers agree with the benefits of antistress pillows:

  • Original print - improves mood, helps to relax and relieve stress.
  • Pillow case with silver ions - has antibacterial and antistatic properties, neutralizes static voltage.
  • Universal shape - anti-allergenic pillow 50x70cm is suitable for the most fashionable bedding sets. Suitable not only for sleeping, but also for relaxing on the couch near TV or relaxing in the guest chair.
  • They suit everyone. They exclude the occurrence of dust mites and harmful microorganisms. They have natural dust repellent properties. And as a result, they contribute to sound sleep and healthy pastime.
  • All materials used in production of pillows pass European certification and are made only of the highest quality materials.

In the online store VASH textile, you can always buy a Zastelli anti-stress pillow at the price from the manufacturer, and big selection of related products.