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Decorative pillows

Decorative pillows will help you to make the room bright and colorful.

Everyone who faced the need to decorate the room must buy decorative pillows, making interior stylish and cozy at the mean time. In addition, they can always be presented as a nice and inexpensive gift for loved ones or colleagues. Such a gift will certainly cheer you up and will be used in everyday life.

Decorative Linen pillow ZASTELLI фото
Product code: 1239 Decorative Linen pillow ZASTELLI
75 UAH
75 UAH 150 UAH


In our online store VASH textile, Zastelli decorative pillows are presented in a large assortment. They will appeal to everyone. For example, to create a special atmosphere in the living room or dining room - we recommend buying linen pillows. And for the design of a game room in a kindergarten or a kid’s bedroom, Zastelli cushions with cartoon characters are perfect. Decorative pillows create comfort even in the office.

On our site it is convenient to compare, choose and buy a decorative pillow perfect for you:

  • Filtration by type of filling. It can be both an anti-allergenic filler hollowfiber (in shape of fluff, feather or balls), and many natural fillers (kapok, bamboo, silk). All fillers pass mandatory certification and are absolutely safe.
  • A variety of prints and color variants. The first impression of the pillow, in any case, creates its appearance. That is why we can always buy decorative pillowcases for pillows 40x60 or 50x70cm from calico, silk or cotton.
  • Choose a comfortable size and optimal rigidity.
  • It is convenient to compare Zastelli pillows by high quality photographs and detailed specifications.

Guaranteed high quality and low prices - the official website of Zastelli. Our pillows are suitable not only for home decoration, but also as pillows for hotels. Any tea party with them becomes more pleasant, and the conversation becomes more interesting. They can be pleasantly nap during the day and relax fully at night. They are able to become a highlight and accent of any room. It will also be appropriate to use them as decor for a garden, courtyard or gazebo.