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Fabric quilting

Fabric quilting

Looking for where to order quilting of fabrics or want to order quilting of blankets?

All this and even more can be done on our website.

Our services are perfect not only if you decide to order bulk quilting, but also if you are a retail customer. Need quilted uniform cuffs or to order a duvet quilting, or maybe you want to order quilted bedspreads. or interested in quilted mattresses? Contact us!

Reasons to order a fabric quilting at VASH Textile

 We are ready to make quilting of synthetic winterizer and any kind of fabric. Our strengths are:

  • Modern high-quality equipment, which is controlled by computer systems.
  • To make quilting of pillows, duvets or quilting bedding, we use only durable and high-quality yarns.
  • We provide a number of standard stitch patterns, but you can always offer your own.
  • We perform quilting services in Kyiv and Ukraine from the materials of the customer, and, by prior arrangement, from our own.
  • Quilting can be used as a low-cost method of processing fabrics (for example, linings, raincoats, leather and even fur).

Modern bedding is simply not possible without quilting. After all, it allows you to connect elements of different structure and density