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Fiber dissociation

Fiber dissociation

If you were looking for conversion of fibers in Kyiv and the region, you came to the address. VASH textile company has its own machinery and occupies a leading position among manufacturers and recyclers of textile industry in the domestic market.

Processing of recyclables staple can include its mandatory treatment from dust, disinfection from bacteria and insects, followed by further cleaning. Then material is sorted to remove all non-textile origin mixtures. A feature of this process is that sorting for greater accuracy is done manually using minimal mechanization.

Sorted processed materials for conversion may be again cleaned with organic chemistry. In comparison with washing, such cleaning minimizes the wear of materials and increases their further operational properties.

Then the staple is cut on special equipment with two types of knife blocks:

  • Guillotine (for processing densely pressed raw materials and synthetic fibers),
  • and rotary.

The next stage of processing can be oiling. It is equally relevant if you decide to order conversion of wool or fabric. Quantity can vary and up to 10% of the total mass of fibers.

After the pulverized, mass is processed into secondary raw materials using special tweezers. And then - you can easily use it in its pure for the manufacture of budget textile products (for example, carpets, pillows and blankets) or mix it to reduce the cost of production in primary raw materials (for example, for curtains and bedspreads).

You can always order combing in Ukraine and get a more detailed consultation by leaving a request on our website or by calling one of VASH Textile online store numbers in the Contacts section.

Call us, the processing of textile and comb with our help will be performed efficiently, quickly and inexpensively.