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Ultrasound soldering

Ultrasound soldering

Ultrasonic soldering of bedspreads, pillows, and blankets ... in short, ultrasonic soldering of fabrics is our profile. The price of ultrasonic soldering in Kyiv and Ukraine may seem high, but this is only because you did not know about our company!

VASH Textile is one of the most powerful manufacturers of textile products for the home with its own production and modern equipment.

What is ultrasonic soldering and what are its advantages?

Modern high-tech methods of connecting fillers and fabrics make it possible to produce not only durable but also impeccable textile products. Ultrasonic soldering is a special technique for joining the main textile material with a layer of insulation: synthetic winterizer, silicone, batting, and others. As a bonus - there is no need to use additional fasteners, as with quilting. Simply say, this is an opportunity to “sew” fabric material of different structure and thickness without using threads. For some artificial materials, this is the best option for joining.

Plus of ultrasonic soldering:

  • The quality and reliability of the seams,
  • The speed of manufacturing products is growing
  • Reduced labor costs and production costs,
  • Connected points are poorly visible, therefore the appearance of the products is more accurate.

Ultrasonic soldering of fabrics in bulk is carried out by reservation in advance by telephone or by application through the website. If you decide to order ultrasonic soldering - regardless of the quantity of work - we will provide it strictly on time and guarantee the highest quality. We can execute an order from the material you provide