Online Linen Store - its own trademark Zastelli and the representative of English trademark Word of Dream
  • Apricot
  • Ivory
  • Ivory with Green
  • Ivory with Grey
  • Beige-Light-Brown
  • Beige
  • Beige with Blue
  • Beige with Green
  • Beige with Olive
  • Beige with Grey-Pink
  • White-Blue with Green
  • White-Lilac
  • White-Orange-Green
  • White-Pink
  • White-Grey
  • White-Grey with Yellow
  • White-Grey with Pink
  • White-Purple
  • White-Purple with Green
  • White
  • White+Blue+Yellow
  • White / Turquoise / Green
  • White / Green / Red
  • White with Yellow
  • White with Brown
  • White with Violet
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Turquoise with Yellow
  • Bordo with Cream
  • Light Blue
  • Light blue / Grey / White
  • Light Blue with Wite
  • Light Blue with Gold
  • Light Blue with Corral
  • Light Blue with Powder
  • Light Blue with Purple
  • Graphite with Gray
  • Yellow-Green
  • Yellow-Green with Pink
  • Yellow-Brown
  • Yellow-Orange
  • Yellow / Green / Red
  • Green-Red
  • Green-Gray with Blue
  • Green
  • Green with White
  • Green with Brown
  • Green with Pink
  • Green with Violet
  • Green
  • Gold-Brown
  • Coral-Cream
  • Brown with Beige
  • Brown with Bordo
  • Brown-Cream
  • Brown with White
  • Brown with Red
  • Brown with Pink
  • Red-Blue with Yellow
  • Red
  • Cream-Beige
  • Cream-Milky
  • Cream-Orange
  • Cream-Pink
  • Cream with Coffee
  • Milky-Beige
  • Milky-Pink
  • Milky
  • Milky with Brown
  • Milky with Red
  • Milky with Pink
  • Milky with Grey
  • Milky with Violet
  • Sea Wave
  • Mint
  • Orange / mint / white
  • Peach
  • Peach with Silver
  • Pink-Blue with White
  • Pink-Brown
  • Pink-Lilac
  • Pink
  • Pink with White
  • Pink with Red
  • Pink with Mint
  • Pink with Blue
  • Pink with Violet
  • Light-Green
  • Light-Green with Pink
  • Light-Green-Light-Blue-Red
  • Light-Green
  • Light-Green with White
  • Light-Brown
  • Light-Brown with Milky
  • Light-Lilac
  • Light-Pink with Light-Blue
  • Light-Grey
  • Light-Grey with Red
  • Light-Grey with Violet
  • Light-Grey with Black
  • Grey-White with Green
  • Grey-Emerald
  • Grey-Red with Pink
  • Grey-Pink with White
  • Grey
  • Grey-Pink-White
  • Blue-Light Blue
  • Blue-Ligh Blue with White
  • Blue-Brown
  • Blue
  • Blue / Light Blue / Grey
  • Blue with White
  • Dark-Brown
  • Dark-Brown with White
  • Dark-Pink
  • Violet-Turquoise
  • Violet-Emerald
  • Violet
  • Fuchsia
  • Black-White-Blue
  • Black-Red
  • Black
  • Black with Pink
  • Chocolate
  • White-Blue with Red
  • Orange-Green
  • Beige-Pink
  • White-Red
  • Creamy
  • Orange-Red
  • Peach-Green
  • Grey-Blue
  • Yellow-Red
  • Creamy-Blue
  • Light-Green with Purple
  • Turquoise
  • Turquoise with White
  • Green-Violet with Red
  • Grey-Violet
  • Light-Green with White
  • Grey-Pink
  • White-Blue
  • White-Pink-Green
  • Light-Beige
  • White-Light-Blue
  • Pink-Coral
  • Blue-Light-Blue
  • Milky-Brown
  • Green-Violet
  • Green-Brown
  • Milky-Green
  • Grey-White
  • Pink-White
  • Yellow-Beige
  • Milky-Brown
  • Brown-Milk
  • White-Burgundy
  • Green-White
  • Light Green
  • White-Brown with Red
  • Brown-White
  • White / Yellow / Blue
  • Red-Blue
  • Milk with Lilac
  • Purple- Lilac
  • Pink with Silver
  • Gray-Yellow with Green
  • Milk with Green
  • White with Blue
  • Gray-Brown
  • Milky-Graphite
  • Graphite Gray
  • Milk with White
  • Blue-White
  • Black and White
  • Milky-Black
  • Pink-Blue
  • Coral-Pink
  • Turquoise-Yellow
  • Lilac
  • Peach
  • Grey-Lilac
  • Pink-Gray
  • Gray-Milky
  • Brown-Gray
  • Orange-Brown
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Bed linen sets

Bed linen Word of Dream

Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ29 Jacquard фото

Product code: 1489 Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ29 Jacquard
from 1487 UAH
1487 UAH 2567 UAH
2066 UAH 3567 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream SMY H01 Jacquard with embroidery фото

Product code: 1298 Bed linen set Word of Dream SMY H01 Jacquard with embroidery
1884 UAH
1884 UAH 3906 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream 02-067 фото Product code: 1350 Bed linen set Word of Dream 02-067
6300 UAH
6300 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream UME 213 фото Product code: 1773 Bed linen set Word of Dream UME 213
1822 UAH
1822 UAH 2301 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream SH5656 Sateen  фото Product code: 1628 Bed linen set Word of Dream SH5656 Sateen
1906 UAH
1906 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream HB157-1 Sateen with frill фото Product code: 1079 Bed linen set Word of Dream HB157-1 Sateen with frill
1905 UAH
1905 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream FSM507 фото Product code: 1669 Bed linen set Word of Dream FSM507
from 3906 UAH
3906 UAH
4687 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream 2094 фото


Product code: 3478 Bed linen set Word of Dream 2094
from 1334 UAH
1334 UAH 1905 UAH
1611 UAH 2301 UAH


Bed linen sets Word of Dream are made by an English trade mark that specializes in the production of premium sets. Founded at the end of the last century, already at the beginning of the 2000s, it has established itself as a leading manufacturer of bedding in Great Britain (UK). The first five years of its existence on the market were marked by the release of more than 10 collections of various goods, which is more than 400 items.

If you are accustomed to high-quality, luxurious and comfortable bedding and appreciate designer, non-ordinary things - than Word of Dream bedding set from English TM is exactly what you need!

Buy bed linen Word of Dream in Ukraine

"Vash Textile" company is the official representative of the famous British ™ Word of Dream in Ukraine, under which elite textiles for luxury homes are produced. You can choose and order any set of bed linen Word of Dream on our website at the most competitive prices on the market. Delivery is carried out throughout the country: Kharkiv, Kyiv, Kriviy Rig, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky, Odessa, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) and other settlements.

How to choose Word of Dream bedding

High-quality Word of Dream bedding is always a responsible approach to each production process, which always begins with the development of a new design for each bedding model.

It is also very important to carefully select the right raw materials, which should be natural and safe, both for a child and an adult - these are dyes and natural fabrics:

  • Jacquard - is considered one of the most elite options for Word of Dream bedding set. Besides the fact that the products have a luxurious look, the material is very durable. It does not stretch and does not get damaged by temperature.
  • Jacquard with embroidery - exquisite bedding of Word of Dream brand, openwork embroidery turns the set into elegant and expensive linen that will decorate any bedroom.
  • Sateen - has high strength and pleasant shine
  • Baby bedding with cartoon characters. Such bed linen undergoes additional quality checks in order to meet high European standards. It will gently and kindly dip the baby into the magical world of a fairy tale without causing irritation on his body from dyes or rough seams.

One of the important distinctive and characteristic features of bed linen ™ Word of Dream is the author's decoration:

  • with a floral print,
  • with lace,
  • with an ornament,
  • with a marine theme

These nuances give the product sophistication, recognition, add a touch of romanticism and give a mysterious charm.

Finally, designing, cutting and sewing the right size. It can be as sets for children and teenagers, single sets, one-and-a-half, family, euro and double sets.

Buy bed linen Word of Dream wholesale and retail

Vash textile company, on the official website of its online store, offers the best prices for Word of Dream bedding sets, retail and wholesale purchase, promotions and sales, a comfortable choice of goods, and cash on delivery.

You can buy Word of Dream bedding set online in the catalogue of our official website, which provides detailed information about the products (photos, descriptions, reviews).