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  • Beige-Light-Brown
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  • Beige with Blue
  • Beige with Green
  • Beige with Olive
  • Beige with Grey-Pink
  • White-Blue with Green
  • White-Lilac
  • White-Orange-Green
  • White-Pink
  • White-Grey
  • White-Grey with Yellow
  • White-Grey with Pink
  • White-Purple
  • White-Purple with Green
  • White
  • White+Blue+Yellow
  • White / Turquoise / Green
  • White / Green / Red
  • White with Yellow
  • White with Brown
  • White with Violet
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Turquoise with Yellow
  • Bordo with Cream
  • Light Blue
  • Light blue / Grey / White
  • Light Blue with Wite
  • Light Blue with Gold
  • Light Blue with Corral
  • Light Blue with Powder
  • Light Blue with Purple
  • Graphite with Gray
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  • Yellow-Green with Pink
  • Yellow-Brown
  • Yellow-Orange
  • Yellow / Green / Red
  • Green-Red
  • Green-Gray with Blue
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  • Green with White
  • Green with Brown
  • Green with Pink
  • Green with Violet
  • Green
  • Gold-Brown
  • Coral-Cream
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  • Brown with Bordo
  • Brown-Cream
  • Brown with White
  • Brown with Red
  • Brown with Pink
  • Red-Blue with Yellow
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  • Cream-Milky
  • Cream-Orange
  • Cream-Pink
  • Cream with Coffee
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  • Milky with Red
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  • Milky with Grey
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  • Pink with White
  • Pink with Red
  • Pink with Mint
  • Pink with Blue
  • Pink with Violet
  • Light-Green
  • Light-Green with Pink
  • Light-Green-Light-Blue-Red
  • Light-Green
  • Light-Green with White
  • Light-Brown
  • Light-Brown with Milky
  • Light-Lilac
  • Light-Pink with Light-Blue
  • Light-Grey
  • Light-Grey with Red
  • Light-Grey with Violet
  • Light-Grey with Black
  • Grey-White with Green
  • Grey-Emerald
  • Grey-Red with Pink
  • Grey-Pink with White
  • Grey
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  • Blue with White
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  • Violet-Emerald
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  • White-Red
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  • Peach-Green
  • Grey-Blue
  • Yellow-Red
  • Creamy-Blue
  • Light-Green with Purple
  • Turquoise
  • Turquoise with White
  • Green-Violet with Red
  • Grey-Violet
  • Light-Green with White
  • Grey-Pink
  • White-Blue
  • White-Pink-Green
  • Light-Beige
  • White-Light-Blue
  • Pink-Coral
  • Blue-Light-Blue
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  • Green-Brown
  • Milky-Green
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Bed linen sets

Bed linen sets with fitted sheet

In crazy rhythm of modern life, time is greatly appreciated. Therefore, everything around is optimized, simplified and more carefully thought out. Things that surround us in everyday life should not only have a beautiful appearance, but also be practical. This also applies to bedding. The bedding set with fitted sheet copes with this task.

Bed linen set Zastelli 14449  фото
Product code: 1340 Bed linen set Zastelli 14449
Not available
Bed linen set Zastelli 7253 фото
Product code: 1568 Bed linen set Zastelli 7253
Not available
Bed linen set Zastelli 8251 фото
Product code: 1567 Bed linen set Zastelli 8251
Not available
Bed linen set Zastelli 21 фото
Product code: 1441 Bed linen set Zastelli 21
Not available


This set is the choice of those who do not like to straighten and re-make the bed every day, who toss and turn in the bed so much that all the linen is crumpled and uncomfortable. Those who have tried such a solution in practice, no longer wish to return to traditional options. Therefore, the online store "VASH textile" made bedding sets with a fitted sheets in a separate category in order to simplify the choice for potential customers.

A set of bed linen with a fitted sheet and its advantages

  • Neat and aesthetic appearance. The surface is always perfectly tensioned, harmoniously complements the rest of the elements of the set.
  • Practicality. The linen does not curl, does not crumple, does not slide off the surface of the mattress during use.
  • The simplicity of operation. Such a bedding set is easy to fix and quick to remove. It does not have to be constantly laid and re-fixed. Just put it on the mattress once, like a cover, and enjoy the convenience.
  • Comfort. Nothing presses in the side and does not make you wake up to eliminate the source of discomfort.

For who is a family bedding set with fitted sheet suitable for

  • Those with a high mattress. The standard rectangular sheet is too small, so it is not completely filled under the mattress. During sleep, it gets crumpled and slides, causing inconvenience.
  • Those who use a mattress pad. This bedding has an elastic band, but it still pulls out. A sheet with fixation will additionally fix the textile on the mattress.
  • Those who toss and turn and constantly change their position in bed. A crumpled and moving sheet will only aggravate an already restless sleep. Therefore, the fitted sheet will create optimal conditions for a night's rest.

In our online store "VASH textile" you can buy bedding with a fitted sheet for a double or single bed. Such products are offered by TM Zastelli and Word of Dream. You can choose from sets of calico, jacquard, seersucker, satin, micro satin and silk. I appreciate the benefits of this product.