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Quilts Kapok Percale quilt Zastelli (vegetal silk)
Product code: 1037

Kapok Percale quilt Zastelli (vegetal silk)


Kapok Percale quilt Zastelli (vegetal silk) фото
796 UAH
1980 UAH
2556 UAH

Kapok Percale quilt Zastelli (vegetal silk) фото 2
Kapok Percale quilt Zastelli (vegetal silk) фото 4
Kapok Percale quilt Zastelli (vegetal silk) фото 5
Kapok Percale quilt Zastelli (vegetal silk) фото 6
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Description Size: 200х220 сm., 140х205 ±5 сm., 110х140 сm.

Filler: Kapok, Antiallergenic

Manufacturer: Zastelli

Type: Warm, Baby

Fabric: percale (100% cotton) 

Filling: vegetable silk (kapok)


Light, like a down, warm quilt of the KAPOK collection from the manufacturer Zastelli.

Soft and pleasant to the touch quilt for the most comfortable and full sleep.

Kapok Quilt Zastelli is made using the most selected natural raw materials as a filler, which achieves excellent consumer properties of the product.

Quilt Zastelli Kapok Percale (Vegetable silk) has a number of advantages inherent only in this blanket:

• Made from environmentally friendly and modern materials

• Quickly restores shape of product

• Kapok quilt has an anti-allergenic effect and is 100% suitable for people with allergies

• Quilt has excellent thermoregulatory qualities (it is they that make the quilt akin to silk)

• Quilt perfectly protects from the heat

• Perfectly breathable during sleep

• Quilt with kapok fibers has a pleasant softness and tenderness

• Quilt is light and airy

• Upper fabric - percale (100% cotton) is a dense material that does not let the filling out, but soft, flexible, wear-resistant and breathable

• Due to the filling and density of the kapok fiber, dust mites will never start in the quilt

• Quilt will create the highest level of sleep comfort

• Quilt is decorated - with an artistic stitch, thanks to which the filler does not bunch up, it will always be evenly distributed over the entire area of the quilt

• High-quality quilt stitching - guarantees durability

Information about the innovative kapok filler:

1. Vegetable silk extracted from the insides of the fruit of kapok trees is called kapok.

2. Kapok is an environmentally friendly (safe) natural organic fiber.

3. Kapok fibers - an innovative filler on the Ukrainian market.

4. Kapok does not contain any chemical impurities or residues.

5. Kapok is a mixture of cellulose and lignin.

6. Kapok is sometimes called vegetable cashmere and vegetable silk.

7. The properties of kapok are akin to those of natural silk.

8. Kapok fibers are soft and elastic. It is six times lighter than cotton and two times lighter than wool.

9. The density level of kapok fibers is more than 86%. Thanks to the wax substance included in the composition, dust mites and other harmful organisms do not appear in blankets and pillows from kapok.

The Zastelli Kapok (Plant Silk) blanket is ideal for the hot summer period.

Today, kapok fiber is the thinnest of all known natural fibers. Kapok products are very light and provide excellent protection from heat. Possessing high hygroscopicity, kapok quilts and kapok pillows will give their owners a feeling of comfort and will easily get rid of a series of troubles: "hot-sticky-wet".

Kapok trees were considered sacred by the ancient Mayan civilization. In one of the myths, it was said that sleeping under a kapok tree cleanses the soul and saturates the soul with positive energy, improves health and brings happiness. Treat yourself and your loved ones with a wonderful quilt made from the fruits of this miraculous tree.

If you want to buy a premium quilt or buy a quilt from the manufacturer, we recommend choosing Zastelli Kapok Quilt! It is perfect for children and adults, moreover, even for people prone to allergies. Universal for any season. Zasttelli Kapok blanket is a guarantee of excellent sleep, good mood and great well-being.

Packing: suitcase bag.

Parameters: width 60 cm, height 40 cm, depth 20 cm.

Quilt weight 140x205 cm - 2 kg.

Quilt weight 200x220 cm - 3 kg.

Care instruction:

  1. Delicate wash 30 degrees.
  2. Bleaching with bleach and chemicals is prohibited.
  3. Ironing is not allowed.
  4. Delicate drum drying.
  5. We recommend replacing the quilt with a new one approximately every 4 years.
Задоволена покупкою

Великолепное одеяло. Очень легкое и теплое.

Решили к осени обновить одеяло. Это одеяло посоветовали сотрудницы, говорят идеальное при любой температуре, легкое и красивое)) Только получила, пока могу подтвердить только 2 последних пункта, но покупкой и сервисом очень довольна, рекомендую))

Думала, что это сказки и пиар выдумки про терморегуляцию и возможность использовать капкового одеяла круглый год. Но.. на улице конец мая, а под ним тепло и комфортно. Однозначно одеяло нового поколения)))

Решилась на покупку после прочтения статьи на вашем сайте. Если кому интересно, вот ссылка:
Капковое одеяло - самое лучшее в мире))) и стоит каждой отданной за него гривны! Рекомендую))

Купила по совету мамы. Она уже сменила все одеяла в доме на эти)) действительно одеяло хорошее! Очень легкое, не жарко, не холодно) По качеству покажет время, пока довольна очень, спасибо)

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