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Bed linen sets Bed linen set Zastelli 8815 Calico Gold USA
Product code: 1528

Bed linen set Zastelli 8815 Calico Gold USA


Bed linen set Zastelli 8815 Calico Gold USA
685 UAH
935 UAH
831 UAH
1122 UAH

Bed linen set Zastelli 8815 Calico Gold USA  2
Bed linen set Zastelli 8815 Calico Gold USA  4
Bed linen set Zastelli 8815 Calico Gold USA  5

Description Type: Double, Euro, Single, Single

anufacturer: Zastelli

Material: Cotton

Color: Creamy

Size duvet cover: 175210 sm, 200220 sm

Quantity duvet cover: 1

Duvet cover: Valve

Size of Sheet: 220240 sm, 185220 sm

Quantity Pillowcase: 2




The image of cozy and warm owls has not lost its relevance for several years now. The owl is a symbol of wisdom, its image came to us from ancient China. Designers love to use owl images in home interiors. In children's rooms, owls are especially welcome guests. They are considered to be educational assistants, stimulating the desire for knowledge. The most popular motifs are wall appliqués with owls, decorative pillows and the Zastelli 8815 bedding set, Gold USA calico. It is the owl that is called the keeper of dreams. GOLD USA fabric - a new generation of fabric for bedding, designed specifically for the US market, taking into account modern requirements for hygiene of sleep and rest.

Fabric composition:

This is a cotton calico weave fabric with the addition of high-strength 150D polyester yarn with density of 120-125gsm.

The bedding set of Gold USA calico differs by very high wear resistance and durability.

GOLD USA calico bedding also passes a special treatment, so-called mercerization of the fabric, during which the structure of the cotton fibers changes from alpha cellulose to a thermodynamically more favorable beta cellulose. As a result of this process, the fabric become not only acquires a beautiful silky shining, but is also reliably protected from the formation of spools and from fading. In addition, as a result of mercerization, the hygroscopicity of the tissue increases, and, consequently, the ability to absorb moisture (sweat) during sleep and rest.

GOLD USA calico bedding sets are a novelty in Ukraine, but all over the world they have already gained wide popularity and are popular because they surpass all traditional fabrics in their qualities.


Single​:Duvet cover- 1pc, 145210cm,Sheet- 1pc, 145210cm, Pillow cases - 2pc, 5070cm

Double​:Duvet cover- 1pc, 175210cm,Sheet- 1pc, 185220cm, Pillow cases - 2pc, 5070cm

Euro:Duvet cover- 1pc, 200220cm,Sheet- 1pc, 220240cm, Pillow cases - 2pc, 5070cm

Family​:Duvet cover - 2pc, 145210cm, Sheet - 1pc, 220240cm, Pillow cases - 2pc, 5070cm

Care recommendations for bedding set:

  1. Washing products at temperatures up to 40C.
  2. We recommend that you wash contrasting fabrics separately.
  3. Iron at temperature "cotton" (140-170C).
  4. Dry cleaning is forbidden.
  5. It is forbidden to use bleaches and other chemicals
  6. Dry at low temperature.
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