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Bedspreads and plaids Bedspread ZASTELLI 743 Cotton white
Product code: 154

Bedspread ZASTELLI 743 Cotton white

Bedspread ZASTELLI 743 Cotton white
160220 + 1
672 UAH
1740 UAH
220240 + 2
976 UAH
2310 UAH

Bedspread ZASTELLI 743 Cotton white  2

Description Manufacturer: Zastelli

View: Double, Single

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Material:100% cotton

Included:Bedspread 160220 cm and pillowcase 50x70cm

orBedspread 220240 cm and 2 pillowcases 50x70cm

Bedspread not only protects your bedding from impurity (dust, animal hair, small specks ...), but also sets a certain atmosphere - harmony, comfort and laid-back sophistication. With correctly placed accents, the bedspread can become the main decoration of your interior.

Zastelli bedspread made of cotton is beautiful, durable and comfortable. It is practically not electrified and very pleasant to the touch.

It has high wear resistance at a low price. Machine washable. Caring for it does not take much time.

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