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Bed linen sets Bed linen set Zastelli 14638 Calico
Product code: 1550

Bed linen set Zastelli 14638 Calico


Bed linen set Zastelli 14638 Calico
235 UAH
348 UAH

Bed linen set Zastelli 14638 Calico   2
Bed linen set Zastelli 14638 Calico   4

Description Type: For children (for newborns)

anufacturer: Zastelli

Material: Cotton

Color: Light Blue

Size duvet cover: 110140 sm

Quantity duvet cover: 1

Duvet cover: Valve

Size of Sheet: 110140 sm

Size of Pillow Case: 4060 sm

Quantity Pillowcase: 1


Printed: Multicolored



This set of bedding from TM Zastelli will make the nursery more comfortable, and the mood better. Original and stylish, it will appeal to even the most demanding baby. We are also ready to offer you a wide range of bright and colorful products for sleeping and decor.

Fabric composition:

The easiest and fastest way to decorate a room in the same style is to buy bedding for a newborn's crib andbedding accessories for children. Moreover, the bedding will be a wonderful gift for their parents. For example, you canbuy a baby pilloworbuy an anti-allergenic quilt.

A sound and healthy sleep, like a good rest, is possible only in absolute comfort. That is why high-quality textiles are so important for a child. We recommend that you pay attention and buyZastelli baby bedding, since the entire line is made from natural hypoallergenic materials in accordance with the requirements of European standards. The tactile feel of the materials is just as important as their composition. Pay attention to the dyes, they must be absolutely odorless and not imprinted on the skin. Give preference to restrained or pastel colors. They can withstand numerous washes and ironings and do not irritate the baby's psyche. The sheet is sewn in the size of 110 * 140 cm, which allows it to be securely fastened by folding it under the mattress. And thanks to the large "pockets" on the duvet cover and pillowcase (about 20 cm), the pillow and the blanket will be well fixed, no matter how much the baby turns and turns in a dream.


Size Baby​:Duvet cover- 1pc, 110140cm,Sheet- 1pc,110140cm, Pillow cases - 1pc, 4060cm.

Care recommendations for bedding set:

  1. Washing products at temperatures up to 40C.
  2. We recommend that you wash contrasting fabrics separately.
  3. Iron at temperature "cotton" (140-170C).
  4. Dry cleaning is forbidden.
  5. It is forbidden to use bleaches and other chemicals
  6. Dry at low temperature.
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