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Textile for hotels Pillows for hotels
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Pillows for hotels

Pillows for hotels
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The price for these products is calculated individually according to your requirements.
You can purchase a product of any size and material, also order Private Label products.
In the "omments" block, leave the requirements / characteristics of the product, by which we will form the cost.
After calculating the order, our manager will call back to you to agree the price and production time.
If you have any questions -CALL or WRITE.

Quality pillows for hotels are a guarantee of a wonderful sleep and pleasant pastime for your guests.

What unites all guests? General desire to have a good rest. Visitors may not pay attention to the color of curtains in the room or to the lamp in the bathroom, but they will definitely remember bed linen and pillow on which they spent the night. In order to turn guests into regular visitors, it is necessary to give them feeling of home comfort and warmth, and for this it is very important to buy pillows for hotel on which they will feel comfortable sleeping.

Hotel pillows and basic requirements for them:

  • Antiallergenic fillers. Natural fillers should not be used for bulk guest bedding as they can cause irritation and allergic reactions. First of all, it is worth excluding down and feather pillows. An ideal and no less convenient option can be analogs from hollow fiber and artificial swan down. For example, Zastelli Swan Down pillows. They are very resilient, perfectly keep their shape and quickly restore their shape.
  • High quality covers. You can choose natural or synthetic materials, the main thing is the high density and wear resistance of the fabric. Also pay attention to fabrics with high breathability and hygroscopicity. The advantage will be the ability of fabric to neutralize and not accumulate static electricity.
  • Sewing products. Hotel pillows should have straight seams, neat stitching and first-class fittings (threads, zippers ...). Their service life and ease of use will directly depend on this.

In our store you can always buy pillows wholesale and retail with profit and pleasure. We offer:

  • Certified fabrics,
  • High quality fillers,
  • Modern equipment,
  • Flexible system of discounts,
  • Individual approach,
  • Private Label,
  • Efficiency of order fulfillment.

That is why, once contacting the company "Vash Textile", you will definitely become our regular customer. All products meet the highest standards.

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