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Textile for hotels Bath towels for hotels
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Bath towels for hotels

Bath towels for hotels
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Bath towels for hotels  3

The price for these products is calculated individually according to your requirements.
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Regardless of where guests prefer to stay - in cottages, hotels or hostels - they count on cleanliness and order in the rooms. After all, even for a couple of days, this temporary housing will replace their home. Of course, not everything can be perfect, as you know, there is no dispute about tastes. However, freshly washed neat bedding and clean hotel towels are must-haves.

Hotel towels are an essential accessory - at least 3 units for one guest. That is why, buying towels in bulk is a very profitable decision. They must be pleasant to the touch and absorb water well. Their attractive appearance will be a plus. In addition, towels can serve as additional advertising for the boarding house, because you can order them under Private Label.

It is often required to buy towels in bulk for pools and spa complexes. To do this, it is worth choosing dense and wear-resistant models, because there they are used much more often and are more susceptible to the action of aggressive chemicals. Natural quick-drying materials will be an advantage. For example, waffle towels for the Zastelli sauna and beach.

The most common and comfortable towel sizes are:

  • 30*30 or 30*50cm - most often, these sizes are ideal for face and hands.
  • 45*65 or 50*70cm foot towels and mats. When choosing a foot mat, give preference to rubberized models. For example, such as Vende bathroom rugs rubberized Feet.
  • 70*140cm - optimal size for a bath towel.
  • 100*160cm - beach or sauna towels.

Still not decided where to buy wholesale hotel towels? Choose our online store. On the website of online store "Vash Textile" you will always find a wide range of products, a variety of models, sizes, colors and designs. As well as flexible pricing policy, interesting sales, promotions, and only current prices.

We guarantee high quality of services and products provided.

The advantage will be prompt execution of the order and fast delivery.

In addition, in our production, you can always order individual products under the Private Label.

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