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Textile for hotels Kitchen towels for hotels
Product code: 1647

Kitchen towels for hotels

Kitchen towels for hotels
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The price for these products is calculated individually according to your requirements.
You can purchase a product of any size and material, also order Private Label products.
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Kitchen towels wholesale from the manufacturer Zastelli in Kyiv and with delivery in Ukraine

Buying kitchen towels wholesale from the manufacturer Zastelli is a very profitable solution not only for large but also for small businesses. After all, the demand for towels exists year-round. Kitchen towels are given for housewarming, baby towels with a hood for christening, bath towels can be a good birthday present, and sauna towels or beach towels are almost a universal present.
For any housewife, it will be financially profitable to buy wholesale kitchen waffle towels. Since wholesale is for various quantities! By purchasing 10-20 units that are guaranteed to be useful, you save not only money but also time, which as you know is priceless. High-quality, durable, and beautiful Zastelli towels will become one of the most sought-after accessories in your kitchen. In addition to the standard purpose (for wiping hands and dishes), they can be used as a potholder for hot or for cleaning kitchen surfaces.
And also, on our website, you can buy mats for drying dishes Zastelli and universal microfiber towels for cleaning rooms. Their main advantage is excellent moisture absorption. Moreover, they prevent the formation of fungi and harmful bacteria, dry quickly, and do not lose color at all.

What are Zastelli kitchen towels?

Vash Textile website offers to buy towels wholesale from the manufacturer or at retail, among which:
If you want to buy towels for a salon, buy a towel for a hotel, hostel, sanatorium, or buy towels for a kindergarten, you will surely find what you were looking for.
The main sizes and purposes of towels:
  • Hand towels - from 30x50 cm.
  • Towels for foot - from 45x65 cm.
  • Towels for the body - from 50x90 cm.
  • Decorative towels - from 34x50 cm.
  • Towels for the kitchen - from 30x30 cm.
  • Mats for drying dishes - 30x40 cm.
Also, on websiteVash Textile you can buy absolutely all necessary home textiles (buy pillows and quilts, buy bedding or buy Zastelli bedspreads,buy bedding Word of Dream), order products under your own Private Label brand, or buy fabrics and buy fillers wholesale .
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