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Bed linen sets Bedding for newborn Zastelli 137+140
Product code: 1718

Bedding for newborn Zastelli 137+140


Bedding for newborn Zastelli 137+140
489 UAH
596 UAH

Bedding for newborn Zastelli 137+140  2
Bedding for newborn Zastelli 137+140  4
Bedding for newborn Zastelli 137+140  5
Bedding for newborn Zastelli 137+140  6

Description Type: For children (for newborns)

anufacturer: Zastelli

Material: Cotton

Color: Pink

Size duvet cover: 110140 sm

Quantity duvet cover: 1

Duvet cover: Valve

Size of Sheet: 110140 sm

Size of Pillow Case: 4060 sm

Quantity Pillowcase: 1




This set of bedding from TM Zastelli will make the nursery more comfortable, and the mood better. Original and stylish, it will appeal to even the most demanding baby. We are also ready to offer you a wide range of bright and colorful products for sleeping and decor.

Fabric composition:

It is best to buy bed linen for a crib made of cotton. After all, it is this material, without impurities and unnecessary additives, that is completely safe and hypoallergenic. As you know, in the first days of a child's life these characteristics of textile products that are most important.

Zastelli baby bedding is beautiful, comfortable, stylish and very practical to use. It can withstand over 300 washes and is easy to wash. Made only from natural materials. A varied color palette and high-quality 100% polish cotton will surely please parents and will contribute to a sound and healthy sleep of your baby. Perfectly absorbs excess moisture and passes air well. The fabric is soft and pleasant to the body, and all the seams are smooth and neat.

If you want to buy baby bedding - pay attention to its complete set. In the standard version, this is a pillow case 40 * 60cm, a sheet and a duvet cover 110 * 140cm. But do not forget that you can always additionally buy awaterproof mattress topperfor a crib or afitted sheetwith an elastic band for newborns. Don't forget to buy apillow for newbornand ahypoallergenic baby quilt.


Size Baby​:Duvet cover- 1pc, 110140cm,Sheet- 1pc,110140cm, Pillow cases - 1pc, 4060cm.

Care recommendations for bedding set:

  1. Washing products at temperatures up to 40C.
  2. We recommend that you wash contrasting fabrics separately.
  3. Iron at temperature "cotton" (140-170C).
  4. Dry cleaning is forbidden.
  5. It is forbidden to use bleaches and other chemicals
  6. Dry at low temperature
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