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Pillows Antiallergenic Gift Set Zastelli (pillow and blanket)
Product code: 3450

Gift Set Zastelli (pillow and blanket)

Gift Set Zastelli (pillow and blanket)
600 UAH
665 UAH

Description View: Antiallergenic

Filler: Hollowfiber

Color: White

Size: 5070 cm

The set includes:

1.Pillow Pearl Zastelli50x70 cm.

2.Blanket 4 seasons Zastelli145x205 cm.

Cheaper together!

Quilts in solid dyed covers are soft, light and pleasant to touch. Cover material is plain white seersucker. Such quilts have excellent air permeability and do not create a greenhouse effect.

Medium hard pillows are made with an original and unobtrusive print. Cover material micro jacquard. Such pillows do not absorb foreign odors and prevents dust mites.

Both products contain a new generation antiallergenic filler hollow fiber. Suitable even for young children and people with sensitive skin.

All TM Zastelli products are made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials. Ideal for use in fall, winter and spring.

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