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Quilts Kapok Quilt Zastelli Jacquard (vegetal silk) China
Product code: 3461

Kapok Quilt Zastelli Jacquard (vegetal silk) China

Kapok Quilt Zastelli Jacquard (vegetal silk) China
1784 UAH

Kapok Quilt Zastelli Jacquard (vegetal silk) China  3

Description Type: Warm

Fabric:100% otton

Filling: 100% kapok

Quickly restores shape.

Passes air perfectly.

Wear proof and not whimsical in care.

Vegetal silk extracted from the fruit of kapok trees is called kapok. Kapok is an environmentally friendly (safe) natural organic fiber. Kapok fibers are an innovative filler in Ukrainian market. It does not contain any chemical impurities and residues. In fact, it is a mixture of cellulose and lignin. Kapok is sometimes called a vegetal cashmere and a vegetal silk.

The properties of kapok are akin to those of natural silk. The fibers are soft and elastic. It is six times lighter than cotton and two times lighter than wool. The density level of kapok fibers is over 86%. Thanks to the wax substance which is a part, dust mites and other harmful organisms do not appear in kapok quilts and pillows.

Zastelli Kapok (Vegetal Silk) quilt is perfect for hot summer season. Today, kapok fiber is the thinnest of all known natural fibers. Kapok products are very light and excellently protect from heat. Possessing high hygroscopicity, kapok blankets and kapok pillows will give their owners a sense of comfort and will easily get rid of a series of troubles: hot-sticky-wet.

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