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Bedspreads and plaids Bedspread jacquard Zastelli JQ10
Product code: 3547

Bedspread jacquard Zastelli JQ10



Bedspread jacquard Zastelli JQ10 фото
1595 UAH

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Description Material:

Manufacturer: Zastelli

Color: White

Size: 220х240 sm


Upper material: jacquard (viscose with polyester)

Bottom Material: Microfiber

Filling: aero fluff (density 200 g / m2)

You want to buy an elite bedspread, but do not know how and where to do it? The choice is obvious, you will find the largest assortment of quality bedspreads on our website. And as a bonus, here are some tips for choosing it:

  1. The style of the bedspread should match the overall style of the bedroom or living room. For example, a pink ruffle bedspread will be inappropriate in a Neo-classic room, while a cotton bedspread with kittens will look very strange in a Provence style bedroom.
  2. Give preference to environmentally friendly and anti-allergenic materials, even if none of your family members have encountered similar problems before. When choosing home textiles, first, proceed from considerations of safety and comfort. And it is in this situation that the Zastelli JQ10 jacquard bedspread will come in handy.
  3. If you have small children, pets, or the habit of lounging in bed with a cup of coffee, opt for easy-care materials. For example, viscose with polyester. They are superbly erased, do not lose their appearance and dry very quickly.
  4. Don't want to overpay but want to buy a quality bedspread? Zastelli is the # 1 brand among home textile products in Ukraine!

Packaging: a branded suitcase bag with zipper and handle for easy transportation.

Parameters: width 60 cm, height 40 cm, depth 20 cm.

Bedspread weight 220x240 cm - up to 3 kg.

Care instruction:

  1. Dry cleaning allowed.
  2. Hand and machine wash allowed (delicate cycle).
  3. Wash at a temperature 30 °C
  4. Do not use bleaches and dry cleaning agents.
  5. Tumble dry at low temperature.
  6. Frequent ventilation and storage in a dry place is recommended to increase the service life.
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