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Bed linen sets Bed linen set Word of Dream HB260 Sateen
Product code: 907

Bed linen set Word of Dream HB260 Sateen

Bed linen set Word of Dream HB260 Sateen фото
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Bed linen set Word of Dream HB260 Sateen фото 2

Description Type: Euro, Family

Мanufacturer: Word of Dream

Material: Sateen

Color: Grey

Quantity duvet cover: 2

Duvet cover: On zipper

Size of Sheet: 220х240 sm

Quantity Pillowcase: 4


Printed: Multicolored



The casual style, widely used in the interiors of modern apartments, can be called a certain code that conveys a kind of worldview and subculture. The casual style combines sensuality and special energy, it allows you to abandon conventions and prohibitions, but at the same time, it is characterized by versatility and convenience. The word "casual" is translated from English as "everyday". This means that he gives a person a certain freedom. The main principle of this style can be distinguished - relaxedness along with democracy, coziness and complete comfort, glamorous lightness in the interior and, at the same time, luxury. To create this style, you should give preference to natural materials and fabrics, pastel shades, horizontal lines, textured objects. In this case, it is advisable to use as little gloss as possible and buy bedding in the casual style Word of Dream HB260.

Sateen composition:

The famous English company Word of Dream is known for its wide range of luxury bedding and home textiles.

For many years, Word of Dream has won its fans with the author's design of original drawings and colorful colors. The latest technologies and mainly natural fabrics are used for sewing bed linen. All dyes are of high quality, so they do not fade even after multiple washes and are odorless.

Convenient zippers are another distinctive feature of the company.

Sateen bedding is an excellent choice for those who appreciate real quality and understand a lot about design.

Each Word of Dream bedding set is a work of art!


Single: Duvet cover - 1pc, 150x215cm, Sheet - 1pc, 160x240cm, Pillowcases - 2pc, 50x70cm.

Euro: Duvet Cover - 1pc, 200x220cm, Sheet - 1pc, 220x240cm, Pillowcases - 4pcs, 50x70cm.

Family: Duvet Cover - 2pcs, 150x215cm, Sheet - 1pc, 220x240cm, Pillowcases - 4pcs, 50x70cm.

Packing: carton box and gift bag.

Recommendations for the care of bedding set:

  1. Wash the product at a temperature not exceeding 40 °C.
  2. We recommend that you wash contrasting fabrics separately.
  3. Iron the product at a temperature "cotton" not more than 140-170 °C.
  4. Dry cleaning is prohibited.
  5. Do not use bleach or other chemicals.
  6. Dry at low temperature.
Отлично вписалось в интерьер, радует глаз и тело. Красивое, мягкое, качественное постельное

Очень стильное постельное белье. Гладить, как оказалось, не обязательно. Фурнитура тоже качественная.

Искала черное белье, но увидев это - решила брать)) Простынь по размеру очень аккуратно спадает с дивана (хоть у него немного нестандартный размер), пододеяльник с подушками подошел идеально. КОМПЛЕКТ ПОСТЕЛЬНОГО БЕЛЬЯ WORD OF DREAM HB260 КЭЖУАЛ замечательно вписался в мою спальню в стиле минимализма

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