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Useful information Reasons to buy calico bed linen set

Reasons to buy calico bed linen set

Translated from Turkish, “bäzz” means “paper fabric”. This type of woven material was introduced into our country by merchants from Asian countries in the 16th century and was expensive. Since the end of the 18th century, it began to be produced in local counties. Calico gained popularity in the mid-19th century due to its cheapness.

   Calico is a natural cotton fabric. Features of calico consist of linen weaving of threads: cross to cross. The surface of the fabric gets smooth and matte on both sides.

   The composition of calico usually includes only natural cotton. But Turkish, Pakistani, or Chinese fabric, due to the difference in production standards, up to 15\\% polyester yarn can be added. Nowadays, calico bed linen is considered the most organic and high-quality.

   It is characterized by strength and has an antiseptic effect. It has high hygroscopicity (ability to absorb moisture), passes air well, and allows the body to “breathe”. It does not cause allergic reactions.

   Calico bedding sets are in demand due to their practicality. They can withstand a huge number of washings and at the same time maintain the shape and brightness of the color. You can iron it without steaming. Calico prevents the accumulation of static electricity.

   The disadvantages of calico are insignificant. Its only minus is that after prolonged use, spools appear on the products. However, this can easily be compensated by the price of calico.

                          Varieties of calico material:

  1. Severe calico. It is characterized by the highest density. It has a cream color. Great for upholstery and tailoring.
  2.  Bleached calico. It is characterized by medium density. Great for making bed linen.
  3.  Solid dyed calico. The structure is akin to bleached but has a uniform color. Suitable for making bed linen, table napkins, and tablecloths, kitchen towels, lining for suits.
  4. Printed calico. Characterized by color artworks. Bed linen and clothes are made from such.

   The price of bed linen made of calico depends on the density of the fabric. What is fabric density? This is the weight of threads per 1 square meter. The density of calico for home textile products should be average (120-125 gsm). If you examine it in the light, the net of interlacing threads will be clearly visible.

Calico for children is a little more tender than usual. As a rule, it is used in order to make calico diapers, sets of baby bed linen and clothes.

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