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Textile for hotels Quilts for hotels
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Quilts for hotels

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The price for these products is calculated individually according to your requirements.
You can purchase a product of any size and material, also order Private Label products.
In the "Сomments" block, leave the requirements / characteristics of the product, by which we will form the cost.
After calculating the order, our manager will call back to you to agree the price and production time.
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Quilts for hotels - beautiful and reliable products for a pleasant rest and comfortable sleep.

The success of a hotel has always been driven by many factors. Of course, good service and picturesque geolocation will help you become a favorite. However, an important factor is also how comfortable the guests will feel outside the walls of their familiar and sweet home. Little things create a warm atmosphere. It is high-quality textile products that will make your hotel a favorite for guests. After all, rest and relaxation directly depends on bedding. Agree, happy and satisfied guests are the best advertising for a hotel complex or a boarding house.
One of the important attributes by which the status and level of the hotel is determined is a quilt among textiles, which you can always buy on the website of our online store. They must be hypoallergenic, appropriate for the season, and of course always clean and tidy.

Before you buy blankets for a hotel, we advise you to pay attention to the key characteristics:

  • The size. Optimum for a single bed is considered 145*205cm, and for a double bed - 200*220cm.
  • Filler. The most popular anti-allergic fillers include bamboo and artificial down/feather quilts. In the premium segment, it is worth mentioning kapok and silk quilts.
  • Cover material. Natural materials have a high air permeability, while artificial materials are easy to wash and dry faster.
  • Sewing technology. As manufacturers of Zastelli and the official representative of Word of Dream, we guarantee the high quality of each product, as well as full compliance with the norms and standards of Ukraine.
  • Cost. We have not only a flexible pricing policy, but also an individual approach to each customer.
  • Certificate of quality. All products presented on our website are certified.

Over the years, Vash Textile has won the trust and love of its customers thanks to:

  • A large selection of fabrics and materials,
  • High-quality tailoring not only for Premium class products, but also for the budget line,
  • Flexible system of discounts and timely execution of orders,
  • Manufacturing of Private Label products.

In our online store "Vash Textile" you can always buy quilts for hotels and inns made of high quality and durable materials. Most of them are very unpretentious in care. Guests will surely like our quilts, as they are quite warm and rather light.
Give your guests a comfortable rest and healthy sleep and receive grateful reviews and guests in return, who will stay with you again and again!
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