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Protective masks Face masks 50 pcs/pack
Product code: 3345

Face masks 50 pcs/pack

Face masks 50 pcs/pack фото
95х175 mm
375 UAH
450 UAH

Face masks 50 pcs/pack фото 2
Face masks 50 pcs/pack фото 3
Face masks 50 pcs/pack фото 4
Face masks 50 pcs/pack фото 6


The mask protects your respiratory system from the effects of irritating and negative factors.

It is convenient to use, fits well to the face, it is held by thin elastic bands securely attached behind the ears and the retainer on the nose to fit to the face

Face mask - industrial, factory ultrasonic soldering.

Protective mask is made of breathable non-woven material on the outside and inside. Ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

High-quality ultra-lightweight material prevents most bacteria and microorganisms from entering your respiratory system.

The three-layer non-woven mask has the following layers:

  • Spanbond - 20g / m2
  • Meltblaut - 99 g / m2
  • Spanbond -25 g / m2

The layers have a bactericidal filter, which prevents the penetration of bacteria through the respiratory tract.

Material benefits

  1. Provides an obstacle to the migration of bacteria and the penetration of biological fluids.
  2. Has good breathability.
  3. Does not accumulate static electricity.
  4. Opaque.
  5. Soft and non-irritating the skin.

A person in a mask feels comfortable, without feeling obstacles to free breathing.

But the main thing to remember is that all Protective masks protect only for 3 hours, and then they need to be disposed of and, if necessary, exchanged for a new disposable mask.

Our masks are tested in everyday life, reliable and practical. The increased depth of the folds of mask allows to use it convenient on any face shape (large / small) for 100% protection.

You can buy a protective masks in our online store Vash Textile and always be sure of their security against the Covid-19 virus.

Masks are sold in boxes of 50 pcs. There is wholesale from 1000 pcs.

Scopes of application:

  • beauty salons, cosmetology;
  • tattoo parlors;
  • hairdressing salons;
  • automobile workshops;
  • diagnostics and maintenance;
  • laboratories and high-tech industries;
  • dentistry;
  • catering and food industry;
  • cleaning;
  • veterinary medicine;
  • various manufacturing enterprises;
  • contact with food is possible.

Take care of yourself and be healthy.

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