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Bedspreads and plaids Double Bedspread Zastelli 032 polyester
Product code: 388

Bedspread Zastelli 032 polyester


Bedspread Zastelli 032 polyester фото
240х260 + 2
891 UAH
1890 UAH

Bedspread Zastelli 032 polyester фото 3

Description View: Double

Material: Polyester, Silk

Manufacturer: Zastelli

Color: Green

Size: 240х260 sm


The experience of most designers and decorators shows that the use of natural colors in the interior is most effective. This is especially true of housing, in which a person wants to feel harmony, warmth and comfort every day, regardless of the season outside the window. So, if you want to design not only a stylish, but also a very soulful home nest, then when choosing the color scheme of the future interior, we recommend that you turn to wildlife and buy a Zastelli 032 Bedspread. A polyester bedspread is a good and popular purchase. High-quality material, produced on modern equipment, is not only safe, but also very practical at a low cost. The Zastelli bedspread is durable and not subject to stretching, friction and other types of adverse physical impact. Caring for a polyester bedspread is quite simple. In addition, it practically does not wrinkle. A water-repellent bedspread for Zastelli bed prevents the appearance of stains of any complexity. Such a bedspread will delight you with its rich color for many years, because a high-quality synthetic bedspread does not fade! Material: polyester. Includes: Bedspread 240x260 cm and 2 pillowcases 50x70cm.

Packing: a branded suitcase bag with zipper and handle for easy transportation.

Parameters: width 60 cm, height 40 cm, depth 20 cm.

Bedspread weight 240x260 cm - up to 3 kg.

Care instruction:

  1. Dry cleaning allowed.
  2. Hand and machine wash allowed (delicate cycle).
  3. Wash at a temperature 30 °C
  4. Do not use bleaches and dry cleaning agents.
  5. Tumble dry at low temperature.
  6. Frequent ventilation and storage in a dry place is recommended to increase the service life.
Покупкой я, безусловно, довольна! Покрывалу не нарадуюсь!

Всем рекомендую!

Упаковка: покрывало пришло в прозрачном чемоданчике на молнии. Сложено внутри аккуратно, между слоями был проложен картон

Внешний вид: цветовая гамма абсолютно соответствует картинке на сайте!

Качество: отличное! ни одной не обрезанной ниточки или зацепки! на ощупь ткань очень приятная. Уже несколько раз стирала, цвет стойкий, ничего нигде не полиняло, катышек нет

Оно очень легкое и невесомое, будет уютно даже для летних дней - чтобы накрыться не толстым одеялом для сна, а вот именно для создания комфорта в прохладный летний день - оно прекрасно подойдет.

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