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Useful information Poplin bedding and its main advantages

Poplin bedding and its main advantages

What kind of fabric is poplin?

The homeland of this material is considered to be one of the French provinces. The first memories of that date back to the 14th century (between 1309 and 1411 years). Since the material was quite soft and durable, its initial cost was quite high. At first, only priests close to the Pope and wealthy nobility could afford to buy bed linen from poplin. On the territory of modern Ukraine, fabric began to be imported only from the 18th century and was called the "European calico".

What is the difference of poplin and calico?

Nowadays,Zastelli poplin bed linen  is considered one of the most popular, due to its high quality and quite affordable price. Poplin fabric is two-sided. This is what can be called one of the most obvious, but not the most important distinguishing features. An important advantage of the material is its natural cotton base.

Poplin bed linen and its main advantages:


  • Poplin bedding is softer and gentler than bed linen made of calico.
  • Smooth and pleasant tactile fabric structure.
  • 30\\\\\% denser than micro sateen bedding.
  • High wear resistance and durability.
  • Does not need frequent and long lasting ironing: the transverse weaving and embossing of fibers perfectly retain their shape. The recommended ironing temperature is up to 110˚ С.
  • Passes air and absorbs moisture well.
  • Does not cause static energy. 
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Preserves color for a long time.
  • The price of poplin bedding seems insignificant due to its long service life.

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