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Fabric (assortment)

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You want to buy fabric for bedding wholesale or buy fabric for pillows and buy fabric for quilts? Looking for where to buy fabrics wholesale from the manufacturer? Our online fabric store Vash Textile works for you. High operational properties of products and a wide range of products (more than 5000 options) are sure to please you.

Among the most popular materials are:

Among the main advantages are good density, affordable cost, natural composition, and a variety of colors. It will be a great solution if you are planning to buy a cotton-based fabric for bedding. The density of calico can vary from 80 to 160 gsm.

This is a two-sided material, very similar to the calico. Among the main features are higher wear resistance and density (approximately 20%). It has a high hygroscopicity. It can be used as a fabric for baby clothes and bedding.

Soft and beautiful plain fabric. Thanks to the polyester base, it has high strength and low weight. High-quality reagents make the color plain and allow it to remain saturated even after numerous washes.

Very dense natural cotton fabric with a complex patterned embossed artwork. Suitable for stitching premium bedding. Beautiful, anti-allergenic, and durable fabric for quilts and pillows.

Fine cotton twill weave. Gentle, durable, non-irritating, and breathable. It is often used for making mattresses, quilts, and pillows.

A new generation material based on polyester synthetic fibers. In the modern textile industry, it is used almost everywhere: from sewing clothes to the furniture industry. According to various sources, it occupies 60 to 70% of the textile market of Ukraine.

For elite bedding, tick and jacquard are usually used. However, for more budget models, the use of calico and polyester is acceptable. First of all, it depends on the type of filler and the density of the product.

Artificial fabric imitating cotton to the touch. It has a high performance. Conquered its main fans with attractive value and the fact that it does not need to be ironed.

If you want to buy fabrics wholesale from the manufacturer - call us! For over 25 years, Vash Textile Company has been a reliable supplier of textile products in the Ukrainian market. In addition, our online bedding store is a manufacturer of its own brand Zastelli and officially represents the English brand Word of Dream.

Therefore, we guarantee you the best prices for quilts, pillows, bedspreads, and bedding. 

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