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Pillows Silk pillows

Silk pillows

Pillow Bel Goose Dua Seta (down-silk) фото

Product code: 1476 Pillow Bel Goose Dua Seta (down-silk)
472 UAH
472 UAH 827 UAH
Silk pillow Word of Dream фото Product code: 71 Silk pillow Word of Dream
1176 UAH
1176 UAH


Vash Textile company is the official representative of the well-known English trademark Word of Dream, under which premium silk pillows are produced. In the range of our company's online store products, you can choose pillows with a silk filling of the best quality.

Therefore, if you have long wondered where to buy a silk pillow, our site is pleased to offer you high quality products and various promotional offers.

And so, where to buy a good natural silk pillow in Ukraine?

It is no secret that Internet is full of offers for the purchase of products of all kinds of textiles for sleeping and bedding, including silk pillows.

But how to choose a pillow with silk filling in order to enjoy the quality and not worry about wasted money?

Everything is very simple, having bought a silk pillow in the online store "Vash Textile" you will receive guarantees from the manufacturer and official representative of the well-known world brand. The motto of our company is “Only the best for home”!

The assortment of the store includes the following options for silk pillows:

Products are presented on the site in a classic size - 50x70 cm.

Silk is a delicate soft material made from threads that are extracted from the cocoon of a silkworm, and belongs to elite materials. Thanks to its natural origin, it is appreciated all over the world and is considered an excellent sleep companion, therefore its natural fiber is often used as a material for making home textiles.

The main advantages of a pillow with silk filling

Products with silkworm filler have a number of advantages:

  • Softness and elasticity.
  • The silk pillow for sleeping is tactilely pleasant.
  • Lightweight.
  • Natural silk does not cause allergies.
  • Prevents the formation of harmful microorganisms.
  • The material is highly breathable. During sleep, you will feel comfortable, because the head will not overheat, and the neck will not sweat.
  • Excellent moisture absorption, like most natural materials.

In any case, silk pillows are the excellent choice, both in quality and aesthetics of appearance, they will be the perfect addition to your bedroom. The site presents the product in the most popular size 50 * 70 cm.

The cost of a silk pillow in Ukraine

On our website, you can always buy a pillow with silk filling at an affordable price, while getting an excellent quality product.

Promotions, sales, discounts - you can find all this on the website of our store and please yourself with a pleasant price.

Vash Textile company offers a loyalty program for its customers and gives 15% discount on the purchase of its cost upon the first registration on the website of our online store.

The good news for buyers is that all products presented on the site are sold in wholesale.

Photos of all products, including silk pillows, that our online store sells, are posted directly on the site along with the description and characteristics of the product, which will greatly facilitate the process of your online shopping.

Silk pillow delivery

On the website of our company, you can easily order the delivery of silk pillows to anywhere in Ukraine, be it Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kriviy Rig, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnitsky, Zaporozhzhya, Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk), Odessa, or any other city in Ukraine.

With us, your purchases will become more enjoyable and easier!