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Silk pillows

Silk pillows - gentle care during sleep

Silk pillows have a huge number of positive properties - stylish products have a beneficial effect on sleep, allow you to relax after a hard day. Word of Dream bedding is ideal for relax, as it is made of natural material that fully comply with European sanitary standards.

Pillow Bel Goose Dua Seta (down-silk) фото
Product code: 1476 Pillow Bel Goose Dua Seta (down-silk)
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Silk pillow Word of Dream фото Product code: 71 Silk pillow Word of Dream
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Features of Silk Pillows

Silk pillows have many useful qualities, including:

  • Beneficial effect on the human body - the natural filler contains proteins and amino acids that fill the body with energy.
  • Light weight - the pillow made of silk is light as a feather, surprisingly soft and delicate.
  • Absolute ecological purity, complete hypoallergenicity - insects and microorganisms do not start in natural fibers. Thanks to this feature, silk pillows are ideal products for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
  • The presence of heat-insulating properties - silk adapts to the temperature of the human body in an amazing way. This property makes it cool in extreme heat and warm in the cold season.
  • Keep the original form for the entire period of use - the silk thread has a uniform structure, which does not change over time. Thanks to this, bedding which contain silk filler perfectly retains its shape even after more than 10 years of intensive use.

Silk pillow is the key to a good night's sleep and relaxation. It can be used for an adult or as an accessory for children, because it is safe for a growing organism.

Care Rules

 A silk pillow, which you can buy with targeted delivery to any region of the country, requires special care. It is compliance with the rules that guarantees the product durability and quality preservation. Manufacturers do not recommend cleaning silk pillows too often. Small stains can be removed with a cool soapy solution. The best care option is to make the product dry cleaned.

If necessary, silk pillows can be washed at home:

  • Water temperature - 25-30 degrees.
  • Washing mode - manual or delicate.
  • Laundry detergent is a special liquid that does not contain chlorine.

It is strictly forbidden to squeeze the pillow, dry it hang way. By following simple care methods, you can prolong the joy of using a silk pillow and the satisfaction of sleeping.