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Linen pillows

To feel unity with nature you need to buy a linen pillow

Variety of colors - orange, blue, green and red linen pillows from the online store VASH textile will be a perfect complement to the interior of a village house or city apartment. The pillowcase on the linen pillow is very pleasant to touch and helps to create a special harmonious atmosphere.

Decorative Linen pillow ZASTELLI
Product code: 1239 Decorative Linen pillow ZASTELLI
75 UAH
75 UAH 141 UAH


Decorative linen pillows are filled with a new generation antiallergenic fiber - hollowfiber. Of the main advantages of which can be noted:

  • Excellent aeration.
  • Weak moisture absorption, so they are very convenient and quick to wash.
  • Do not absorb odors, so they can be an excellent decoration for restaurants and home dining rooms.
  • Does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Light and soft.

A wonderful foundation for sleeping and relax will be Zastelli linen pillows. Due to the natural ability of linen to neutralize static tension, pillow will not only help to wake up in the morning with a good haircut, but will also have a positive effect on the nervous system and help to normalize brain function.

Linen is a natural antiseptic. It contains substances that prevent the emergence and reproduction of ticks and bacteria. This happens due to the presence of resin fibers of a special biochemical composition. Linen pillows, which you can always buy on the site, due to high quality, retain a beautiful appearance for a long time.

Caring for linen pillows is quite simple.

To prevent the product from deforming, avoid wet rooms.

After sleeping and rest, the pillows should be slightly shaken and beat. This helps the filler to take its natural shape and helps air circulation.

Wash too often is not necessary so that the filler does not crumple. Better to choose delicate modes and chemistry for washing.

Be sure to ventilate the pillow at least once a month. If you decide not to use it for some time, it is better to store it in a case.

If you want to buy pillows at manufacturer prices - you can always do this with us, in the online store VASH textile.