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  • Apricot
  • Ivory
  • Ivory with Green
  • Ivory with Grey
  • Beige-Light-Brown
  • Beige
  • Beige with Blue
  • Beige with Green
  • Beige with Olive
  • Beige with Grey-Pink
  • White-Blue with Green
  • White-Lilac
  • White-Orange-Green
  • White-Pink
  • White-Grey
  • White-Grey with Yellow
  • White-Grey with Pink
  • White-Purple
  • White-Purple with Green
  • White
  • White+Blue+Yellow
  • White / Turquoise / Green
  • White / Green / Red
  • White with Yellow
  • White with Brown
  • White with Violet
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Turquoise with Yellow
  • Bordo with Cream
  • Light Blue
  • Light blue / Grey / White
  • Light Blue with Wite
  • Light Blue with Gold
  • Light Blue with Corral
  • Light Blue with Powder
  • Light Blue with Purple
  • Graphite with Gray
  • Yellow-Green
  • Yellow-Green with Pink
  • Yellow-Brown
  • Yellow-Orange
  • Yellow / Green / Red
  • Green-Red
  • Green-Gray with Blue
  • Green
  • Green with White
  • Green with Brown
  • Green with Pink
  • Green with Violet
  • Green
  • Gold-Brown
  • Coral-Cream
  • Brown with Beige
  • Brown with Bordo
  • Brown-Cream
  • Brown with White
  • Brown with Red
  • Brown with Pink
  • Red-Blue with Yellow
  • Red
  • Cream-Beige
  • Cream-Milky
  • Cream-Orange
  • Cream-Pink
  • Cream with Coffee
  • Milky-Beige
  • Milky-Pink
  • Milky
  • Milky with Brown
  • Milky with Red
  • Milky with Pink
  • Milky with Grey
  • Milky with Violet
  • Sea Wave
  • Mint
  • Orange / mint / white
  • Peach
  • Peach with Silver
  • Pink-Blue with White
  • Pink-Brown
  • Pink-Lilac
  • Pink
  • Pink with White
  • Pink with Red
  • Pink with Mint
  • Pink with Blue
  • Pink with Violet
  • Light-Green
  • Light-Green with Pink
  • Light-Green-Light-Blue-Red
  • Light-Green
  • Light-Green with White
  • Light-Brown
  • Light-Brown with Milky
  • Light-Lilac
  • Light-Pink with Light-Blue
  • Light-Grey
  • Light-Grey with Red
  • Light-Grey with Violet
  • Light-Grey with Black
  • Grey-White with Green
  • Grey-Emerald
  • Grey-Red with Pink
  • Grey-Pink with White
  • Grey
  • Grey-Pink-White
  • Blue-Light Blue
  • Blue-Ligh Blue with White
  • Blue-Brown
  • Blue
  • Blue / Light Blue / Grey
  • Blue with White
  • Dark-Brown
  • Dark-Brown with White
  • Dark-Pink
  • Violet-Turquoise
  • Violet-Emerald
  • Violet
  • Fuchsia
  • Black-White-Blue
  • Black-Red
  • Black
  • Black with Pink
  • Chocolate
  • White-Blue with Red
  • Orange-Green
  • Beige-Pink
  • White-Red
  • Creamy
  • Orange-Red
  • Peach-Green
  • Grey-Blue
  • Yellow-Red
  • Creamy-Blue
  • Light-Green with Purple
  • Turquoise
  • Turquoise with White
  • Green-Violet with Red
  • Grey-Violet
  • Light-Green with White
  • Grey-Pink
  • White-Blue
  • White-Pink-Green
  • Light-Beige
  • White-Light-Blue
  • Pink-Coral
  • Blue-Light-Blue
  • Milky-Brown
  • Green-Violet
  • Green-Brown
  • Milky-Green
  • Grey-White
  • Pink-White
  • Yellow-Beige
  • Milky-Brown
  • Brown-Milk
  • White-Burgundy
  • Green-White
  • Light Green
  • White-Brown with Red
  • Brown-White
  • White / Yellow / Blue
  • Red-Blue
  • Milk with Lilac
  • Purple- Lilac
  • Pink with Silver
  • Gray-Yellow with Green
  • Milk with Green
  • White with Blue
  • Gray-Brown
  • Milky-Graphite
  • Graphite Gray
  • Milk with White
  • Blue-White
  • Black and White
  • Milky-Black
  • Pink-Blue
  • Coral-Pink
  • Turquoise-Yellow
  • Lilac
  • Peach
  • Grey-Lilac
  • Pink-Gray
  • Gray-Milky
  • Brown-Gray
  • Orange-Brown
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Size duvet cover
Quantity duvet cover
Duvet cover
Size of Sheet
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Size of Pillow Case
Quantity Pillowcase
  • With flowers print
  • Children
  • Embroidery
  • With vegetable and fruit print
  • Flowers
  • Sea theme
  • Ornament
  • With plants print
  • With lace
  • With animal print
  • Small print
  • Solid models
  • 3D-print
  • Urban print
  • Striped
  • Geometric print
  • In a chack
  • With abstract print
  • In peas
  • With animal print
  • With ornament
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Useful information
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Bed linen sets

Jacquard bed linen sets

Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ29 Jacquard фото
Product code: 1489 Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ29 Jacquard
from 1487 UAH
1487 UAH 2567 UAH
2066 UAH 3567 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream FSM507 фото Product code: 1669 Bed linen set Word of Dream FSM507
4687 UAH
4687 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ35 Jacquard фото Product code: 1490 Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ35 Jacquard
1722 UAH
1722 UAH 3567 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ16 Jacquard  фото
Product code: 1675 Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ16 Jacquard
1722 UAH
1722 UAH 3567 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ15 Jacquard  фото
Product code: 1674 Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ15 Jacquard
1722 UAH
1722 UAH 3567 UAH
Bed linen set Zastelli Squares Jacquard  фото
Product code: 1755 Bed linen set Zastelli Squares Jacquard
1306 UAH
1306 UAH 1740 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ10  фото
Product code: 1620 Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ10
from 1487 UAH
1487 UAH 2567 UAH
2066 UAH 3567 UAH
Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ18 Jacquard фото
Product code: 1493 Bed linen set Word of Dream JQ18 Jacquard
1722 UAH
1722 UAH 3567 UAH


Online store "Vash Textile" offers its customers a wide selection of elite jacquard bed linen of English premium brand Word of Dream, as well as jacquard sets from the Ukrainian manufacturer of Zastelli trademark.

Jacquard bedding is in demand all over the world. Due to its density, aesthetics of appearance and durability, it is acquired not only for home use, but also for hotels.

The uniqueness of jacquard fabric is a special dense weaving of transverse and longitudinal threads of 100% cotton, which results in a dense, but at the same time smooth, soft and very durable high quality fabric, decorated with luxurious ornaments.

Where to buy and how to choose jacquard bedding?

It will not be difficult to buy jacquard bed linen in Vash Textile online store. The website of our store contains all the options for the products available for sale.

We offer our customers the opportunity to buy a set of jacquard bedding of the following types:

Jacquard fabric is made mainly from natural cotton or viscose, with the addition of silk and polyester. This greatly simplifies its maintenance and prolongs its operation (the fabric can withstand more washings).

Jacquard bed linen in our online store is presented in a multi-colored and monochromatic form, decorated with prints, ornaments and embroidery.

Before buying, you can check the detailed description of set and choose the option that suits you according to the photo.

We hasten to please you that our company offers a loyalty program for its customers and gives a 15% discount upon the first registration on the site (the discount does not apply to promotional products). In addition, our online store regularly holds promotions and sales, you can see the promotional offers icons on the product cards.

How much is jacquard bedding in Ukraine

You can buy jacquard bed linen directly on the official website of Vash Textile store. With the help of filters, it is easy to choose the size, completeness, color you need, and find out the exact cost of your chosen product.

The price of a jacquard set on the website of our online store is always up-to-date as of the day of ordering. In addition, you can check current promotions, offers, discounts and sales.

Our online store "Vash Textile" also provides an opportunity to purchase elite jacquard bedding in bulk. In order to check the terms of cooperation, please call the numbers indicated in the header of site.

Delivery of jacquard bed linen

Our company is making every effort to deliver the purchased set as quickly as possible with delivery across Ukraine. That is why when buying, you can order any type of delivery convenient for you: by courier to the door, get it at the courier service department, pick it up yourself.

Pickup service is available for residents of the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv.

"Vash Textile" organizes the receipt of an order regardless of where you are, whether it is Mariupol, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kriviy Rig, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnitsky, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk), Odessa or any other city in Ukraine.