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Pillows Bamboo pillows

Bamboo pillows

Pollow Zastelli Bamboo фото

Product code: 302 Pollow Zastelli Bamboo
288 UAH
288 UAH 411 UAH
Quilted Bamboo Pillow ZASTELLI фото

Product code: 982 Quilted Bamboo Pillow ZASTELLI
323 UAH
323 UAH 446 UAH
Bamboo fiber Pillow Zastelli фото

Product code: 1754 Bamboo fiber Pillow Zastelli
507 UAH
507 UAH 724 UAH
Pillow case Zastelli cotton elite фото Product code: 973 Pillow case Zastelli cotton elite
882 UAH
882 UAH
Pillow for children Zastelli Bamboo фото

Product code: 986 Pillow for children Zastelli Bamboo
213 UAH
213 UAH 306 UAH
Pillow ZASTELLI Bamboo elite фото

Product code: 980 Pillow ZASTELLI Bamboo elite
338 UAH
338 UAH 483 UAH


In the online store "Vash Textile" you can easily pick up bedding items from the manufacturer, including bamboo pillows.

Our company invites you to buy high quality bamboo pillows of the Ukrainian brand Zastelli.

Bamboo fiber is an environmentally friendly natural material, in the production of which there are absolutely no chemical additives. In this regard, one of the distinctive features of pillows with such a filler are its hypoallergenic properties, which allow its owners to use it for sensitive skin, and is also perfect for allergy sufferers.

On the website of our online store, you can easily pick up bamboo pillows using a photo and a detailed description of the product.

Where to buy a bamboo pillow in Ukraine

It will not be difficult to buy bamboo pillows in the Vash Textile online store. But how do you choose the option that suits you?

The following options are presented on our website:

  • Quilted - Reliable and durable micro jacquard cover gives the bamboo fiber pillow a luxurious look. It is presented in two sizes 50x70 and 70x70 cm.
  • Pillow Bamboo Elite is 90% filled with natural bamboo fiber, which guarantees excellent performance. The cover is made of innovative anti-stress fabric with silver ions.
  • Children's bamboo pillow - designed specifically for children aged 2 years and older (size 40x60 cm), bamboo fiber filler - destroys more than 70% of bacteria naturally.
  • Jacquard - perfectly breathable, has natural antibacterial properties, does not cause allergies. The cover of the product is made of natural white material with a jacquard pattern.
  • Classic bamboo pillow from ™ Zastelli, size 50x70 - the filling of the pillow consists of 50% natural bamboo fiber and complemented by high-quality artificial fiber.

All bamboo pillows are of medium firmness, are versatile and will suit everyone, without exception.

Why buy a bamboo pillow?

  1. Bamboo pillows are suitable for people suffering from all sorts of allergies. The softest fine fiber contains a natural antiseptic - bamboo kun - which prevents the formation of pathogens and mites.
  2. Has a natural ability to repel dust.
  3. Bamboo pillows from the manufacturer Zastelli do not crumple for a long time, are resistant to deformation.
  4. Has high thermo-regulating properties and hygroscopicity. The hollow fiber regulates the removal of excess moisture and helps maintain an optimal heat balance for the human body.
  5. High air permeability (thanks to the same hollow fiber structure).
  6. Do not need special scrupulous care. Can be washed at temperatures up to 30 degrees in delicate or hand wash.
  7. Rejuvenating effect due to the high pectin content.

How much do bamboo pillows cost

Buying a bamboo pillow in Ukraine will not be difficult. The company "Vash Textile" offers its customers the opportunity to purchase goods for a promotion, on the site you can buy a bamboo pillow at a discount or on sale. Also, a loyalty program has been introduced on an ongoing basis, according to the terms of which the buyer receives a 15% discount on the purchase at the first registration on our website.

You can purchase the entire range of goods in our online store wholesale and retail at a competitive price.

We care about our customers and offer loyal prices for the entire product range.

Order delivery of a bamboo pillow across Ukraine

In the "Delivery" section on the website of our online store, you can familiarize yourself with the conditions and order delivery to any city in Ukraine.

Pickup service is provided in Kiev.

Delivery in any way convenient for you is carried out to Kharkiv, Sumy, Mykolaiv, Kriviy Rig, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnitsky, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk), Odessa, and to other cities of our country.