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Pillows for pregnant

Looking for where to buy a pillow for pregnant? Then the official Zastelli website is exactly what you need.

A real revolutionary discovery today can be called pillows for pregnant women. The reviews of numerous mothers are a worthy confirmation of this. The universal anatomical shape of the product provides the necessary support and comfort during all 9 months.

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Maternity Pillows

Our pillows are ideal not only for expectant mothers, but also become an indispensable accessory for baby sleep. They are universal and unique.

For each of them we give a removable cover of 100% cotton!

Does a growing tummy interfere, and legs swell, and it’s impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position? After all, even when you are lying on your side, the weight of the child causes inconvenience. There is a solution! The multifunctional banana pillow Zastelli was developed in conjunction with leading gynecologists in order to make the dream a pleasant and productive, and well-being. It relieves stress from the cervical and brachial muscles, as well as from the vertebra, belt and thighs. A nice bonus is that you can easily turn it into a cocoon for newborns. And after she can be used as a pillow for feeding the baby.

Pillows for pregnant women in the online store Your Textiles take into account the whole range of anatomical features of the female body: from the first months of pregnancy to the postpartum period. A banana-shaped oblong pillow in the size of 180x30 cm allows you to completely “wrap it around” and use one part to support the back, and the second for the abdomen. Environmentally friendly filler allows you to bend the product in any direction. Thanks to this, every woman will be able to choose a comfortable pose.

During pregnancy, sensitivity worsens and the likelihood of allergic reactions increases. That is why the Zastelli maternity pillow is filled with a safe anti-allergenic material - holofiber, and the product cover is made of calico.