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Pillows Kapok pillows

Kapok pillows

Kapok Pillow Zastelli Vegetal silk (kapok) Product code: 1233 Kapok Pillow Zastelli Vegetal silk (kapok)
from 560 UAH
560 UAH
5070 (quilted, low)
609 UAH
5070 in jacquard
673 UAH
5070 (low, quilted)
777 UAH
5070 (high)


Kapok pillow is a real competitor to popular down products and other sleeping accessories. It is a natural fiber that is extracted from the fruits of Ceiba tropical tree. Kapok pillows are very similar to products filled with natural cotton and silkworm silk. But in comparison with cotton, during the production of the presented products, herbicides and other chemicals are NOT used, which guarantees hypoallergenic products. The properties of kapok are akin to those of natural silk. The fibers are soft and elastic. It is six times lighter than cotton and two times lighter than wool. The online store "Vash Textile" has done an excellent job on the technology of producing pillows from a kapok of its own trademark, which allows us to offer pillows filled with Zastelli vegetable silk (with kapok filling), which have wonderful properties for comfortable sleep and use.

How to choose a quality kapok pillow - the main advantages

Buying kapok pillow means making a choice in favor of your comfort and healthy rest. Numerous reviews confirm the following advantages of these products:

  • Hypoallergenic. The filler is not susceptible to mold, dust mites, there are no chemicals in it and cannot get fungus or bacteria.
  • Resistant to odors. In the filler, bacteria that can emit an unpleasant odor do not grow, and the deodorant characteristics provide a pleasant smell for textiles.
  • Excellent thermoregulation. You can buy kapok fiber pillows for use in warm or cold seasons. Textiles keep warm well and save you from overheating in summer. In addition, the filler perfectly retains moisture, the presented pillows provide optimal moisture, which prevents the head from sweating and the textiles remain dry all the time.
  • Natural regulation of moisture absorption.
  • Convenience of operation: easy to wash, no need for high cost of dry cleaning.
  • Optimal pricing policy. Buyers with different paying capacity can buy kapok pillows in Ukraine on our website - the catalog contains goods of high and low price categories.
  • High quality cover, made of durable 100% cotton “calico” fabric, which is usually used in the production of down and silk products. The filler does not penetrate through it.

It will not be difficult to buy pillows with kapok filler, our assortment includes many high-quality models. The natural plant silk filler is housed in a high-quality cover made of dense 100% cotton fabric, which does not allow it to penetrate outside.

Where to buy polyester fiber pillows and where are the best prices

The online store "Vash Textile" offers a wide range of high-quality textiles, including bedding made of modern filler - kapok (polyester fiber). The choice of products on our site does not cause problems, since the description of each product contains all the necessary information:

  • final price;
  • several real photos;
  • dimensions, filler material, what fabric the cover is made of.

Our managers quickly process orders and send parcels throughout the country as soon as possible.

How much is a kapok filler pillow

The cost of the presented bedding is always at a competitive level. We are the manufacturer of the products of our Ukrainian brand Zastelli, which gives us the opportunity to establish the best pricing policy for kapok pillows.

Delivery of kapok pillows in Ukraine

All Ukraine can order products on our website, since we deliver products to all cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnitsky, Kriviy Rig, Lviv, Odessa, Zaporizhzhye, Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk) and others.