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Kapok pillows

In the world light industry, kapok pillows have become popular not so long time ago (less than 10 years). First of all, due to difficulties in its extraction: the huge (over 50 meters) height of trees, moreover, the heterogeneous length and fragility of the fibers. However, every day the kapok is becoming more and more popular and popular.

Kapok Pillow Zastelli Vegetal silk (kapok) Product code: 1233 Kapok Pillow Zastelli Vegetal silk (kapok)
from 560 UAH
560 UAH
5070 (quilted, low)
609 UAH
5070 in jacquard
673 UAH
5070 (low, quilted)
5070 (high)
777 UAH


What is kapok and what is it made of?

To begin with, the kapok is most similar to cotton. It is extracted from enormous (over 20 cm) fruits of the baobab family trees. The kapok fiber for pillows and quilts - ceiba - is in the middle of small boxes and looks very much like fluff - just as soft and weightless. 

What are the main advantages of kapok?

  • First of all, it is worth noting that this is a completely natural environmentally friendly raw material. By its properties, kapok as a filler surpasses a huge variety of not only natural, but also synthetic materials.
  • There is no need to use chemicals and fertilizers for the growth of kapok trees. During the ripening of fruits and harvesting, they are also not used.
  • Kapok fiber is extremely lightweight. For example, it is 8 times lighter than cotton.
  • High moisture resistance. This is due to a wax-like substance that each of the piles of the fiber is covered with. That is why kapok pillows need to be washed less often than others. In addition, they dry out quite quickly.
  • Pillows from Zastelli kapok have natural antiseptic properties that prevent the emergence and reproduction of pathogens, bactericidal fungi and dust mites.
  • If you are looking for where to buy a pillow for a newborn, call us. After all, kapok pillows can be used from the very first days of a baby's life.

If you decided to buy a Zastelli kapok pillow with the manufacturer's price in Kiev and with delivery in Ukraine - our site was created right for you, just place the order!