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Quilts Silk quilts

Silk quilts

Natural silk quilts

Among the huge assortment of bedding, the mulberry silk quilt is certainly popular. Silk quilts look luxurious, easy to use and serve as proof of the good taste of their owners.

Silk quilt Word of Dream

Product code: 306 Silk quilt Word of Dream
from 1984 UAH
1984 UAH 2964 UAH
2871 UAH 4290 UAH
Silk Wool Quilt Word of Dream (Winter-Summer) Product code: 1250 Silk Wool Quilt Word of Dream (Winter-Summer)
from 3883 UAH
3883 UAH
5259 UAH


We advise you to buy a silk quilt to everyone who cares about their well-being and the health of loved ones. Having slept just a couple of months under it, you will feel the first positive changes. The sleep will become deeper and longer, you will begin to get enough sleep and fatigue will come to naught, and your skin and hair will be more beautiful. Even the mood and overall emotional state will become better.

Why silk Word of Dream quilts?

Their most important advantage is the filler. After all, it is from that the future capabilities and properties of the product depend. In its manufacture, we use wild silkworm silk - Tussa. It can be distinguished by a characteristic sandy white hue. It is not like classic white long threads, but looks like a ball of thick fibers. Thanks to that, quilts are softer and warmer than other manufacturers. For the same reason, their operation lasts longer, and wear resistance is higher.

Silk blankets Word of Dream will be an excellent acquisition and a real find for comfort connoisseur. They are guaranteed to contribute to good sleep, because:

  • Do not cause allergies. Suitable even for people with hypersensitivity and never cause irritation.
  • Take little space and are durable with proper care.
  • Universal and demi-season. Sleeping under them is equally pleasant in summer and winter.
  • Environmentally friendly. Natural material does not contain a single gram of synthetic or chemical substances.
  • Prevent the emergence and reproduction of ticks and other parasites. This is a definite plus, in terms of hygiene and cleanliness standards. Therefore, so often, people decide to buy a silk quilt as a gift to their parents or child.

Since now you have come to the official website of Word of Dream, the prices for a silk quilt of the same name TM will will pleasantly surprise you and make it more affordable and attractive.