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Bedspreads and plaids

Fur bedspreads and plaids

Fur blanket is a multifunctional stylish thing for home. This product will give gloss to any room, fill the room with splendor. Also the product, in addition to the decorative role, has a functional value. In our online store you can choose a blanket of brands Zastelli and Word of Dream, which will warm in the cold, help to create coziness and comfort.

Bedspread-Quilt ZASTELLI Cream Fur фото Product code: 1022 Bedspread-Quilt ZASTELLI Cream Fur
500 UAH
500 UAH
Bedspread-Quilt ZASTELLI Camel Fur фото Product code: 1021 Bedspread-Quilt ZASTELLI Camel Fur
510 UAH
510 UAH


Product Advantages

Accessories made of fur have many advantages:

  • giving a certain status to the premises, which demonstrates the high status of the owners;
  • unique practicality - the product can be used as a bedspread, blanket or plaid;
  • save nice appearance with heavy use;
  • environmental cleanliness and safety, which allows the use of a plaid as a place for children to play;
  • easy care.

Naturally, to create sophistication, it is important to buy a fur cover in Ukraine, which will harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. That is why you need to choose with full responsibility.

The catalogue of our online store presents a selection of high-quality models at the best price. We send bedding to any region of the country. Contact us, our team of professionals will help you purchase a branded product that will harmoniously decorate your home.