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Fabrics and fillings Hollow fiber
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Hollow fiber

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1 kg
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If you want to buy filler for toys, buy filler for pillows, buy filler for quilts, buy filler for clothes, quality filler for furniture, or handmade products - choose hollow fiber!

Its main advantages are:

  • Environmentally friendly material. Glue and aggressive chemical compounds are not used in their production. This makes it 100% safe.
  • Good strength. Fibers are soldered together, so they have no weaknesses and there are no "breaks".
  • Not subject to external factors. It does not decompose or rot. Prevents the appearance of fungus, mold, and other pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Warm. It has low thermal conductivity and keeps the temperature perfect because there is much air between fibers.
  • Conducts air perfectly and does not create a "greenhouse" effect. Suitable for children's bedroom accessories.
  • It can be used as a soundproofing material. Thanks to the structure of fibers, it absorbs sound waves.
  • Antiallergenic and non-irritating. Suitable for adults and children. Therefore, it is often recommended by dermatologists and allergists.
  • It does not absorb foreign odors. It can be used for decorative pillows in country houses, restaurants, or hotels.
  • It does not absorb moisture. It is washed easily and dries 50% faster than natural fillers.
  • Non-flammable. When ignited, the hollow fiber begins to melt, rather than increase the area of ​​the fire.
  • Elastic. It does not crumple, does not make spools, does not roll down, and perfectly holds any of the necessary shapes.
  • Very soft. Ideal for children's toys and souvenirs. Artificial swan down is 99% identical to natural.
  • Easy to care for.
  • It does not clump or creak.
  • Bulky and very light. From 1 kg of hollow fiber is possible to make two average on the height of pillows size 50х70 cm or about 50 keychain toys.
  • Long service. Not afraid of frequent washing and high temperatures.
  • The affordable price of the hollow fiber. Modern production technologies allow making a high-quality filler for pillows and quilts at reasonable prices. We also want to remind you that on our website "Vash Textile" you can always buy a filler for quilts without intermediaries and at the best prices.
  • Quality and certified raw materials.

A few years ago, manufacturers wondered what was better, down quilts or silk quilts? And buyers, in turn, were thinking - to buy a bamboo pillow or buy a feather pillow? But nowadays the choice is becoming more and more obvious.

Hollow fiber confidently occupies a leading position as a filler for pillows and a filler for quilts.

Tired of old bedding? Are you afraid of dust mites and do not want to breed bacteria? Do you want to buy an anti-allergenic pillow, an environmentally friendly quality quilt, buy a pillow for pregnant women, or just buy a filler for children's toys in bulk? Rather, go to the "Contacts" section or place an order through the site Vash Textile!

Also, you can always choose the highest quality bed linen from the manufacturer Zastelli, and also buy bed linen Word of Dream of excellent English quality.

** You can buy hollow fiber at retail in Vash Textile online store by placing an order from 5 kg. For the convenience of delivery and shipment, the goods are vacuumed. Approximate dimensions of packing with filler - 1 * 0,7m.

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