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Quilts Camel wool quilts

Camel wool quilts

In a huge variety of fillers for home textile products, camel wool blankets for several decades occupy a leading position in the textile industry market. They are very light and pleasant to the touch, perfectly warm at low temperatures and have unique healing properties.

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Why you just need to buy camel wool blanket

For their manufacture, the hair of animals that were not involved in the work is used. After all, this is what guarantees the purity of the fiber and the absence of extraneous odors. The technology and principle of collecting a wool fluff in our time is no different from those that were hundreds years ago. The animal is combed out in the spring during seasonal molting. If you want to get home textiles with wonderful characteristics - we advise you to buy a natural Word of Dream camel quilt.

The main advantages of these quilts are as follows:

  • Normalizes blood pressure and dilates blood vessels due to dry heat.
  • Eliminates muscle tension.
  • Reduces inflammatory processes. Animal wax - lanolin - has a disinfecting property and reduces the toxins that are released together with sweat.
  • Relieves joint pain.
  • It is not electrified and does not cause static voltage.

What does a camel blanket consist of?

Camel fur of different lengths and stiffness can be divided into:

  • The softest undercoat,
  • Spine pile,
  • Woolen fibers.

Thanks to this unusual structure, even a small quantity of “desert ship” wool is enough to make a large quilt. Relatively light weight and ease of use are due to the same. Therefore, the price of a camel quilt is reasonable 100%. A quilt made of natural wool will serve its lucky owner for a long time. The thick percale cover made of natural cotton is very durable and well cleaned.

How to buy a camel quilt premium series?

Pay attention to the weight of the product and the quantity of filler. The optimum density is 300-350 g / m2. The wool should be evenly distributed in the product, without breasts and lumps. Cover - neatly stitched and quilted.

Buying a Word of Dream camel quilt from the manufacturer on our website is the right, affordable and practical solution.